Weekly Update: Busy, and 10,000 Views!

Hi everyone! So firstly, sorry for posting this today instead of yesterday. But as the title suggests, I have been super busy this week! I went to a Journalism Course on Tuesday this week which was awesome and left me inspired about my writing and me wanting to be a journalist in the future.

The week also saw me come back from Florida, and so I have had to deal with jetlag throughout this week. But it has been good, but busy. Busy is good though, so I’m having a great week!

Now, about the other news… I’VE REACHED 10,000 ALL TIME VIEWS!!!

So I checked my Stats today, and it happily told me that I had reached 10,000 all time views! To think that I have been blogging for nearly a year now, and I have reached 10,000 views is an honour. I am humbled that you keep coming back to this blog to read my blog posts. Thank you so much!

So far, I have no ideas as to what I can do to celebrate, but you can expect some more great posts coming up soon! Thanks for stopping by!



Madeon releases Technicolour teaser video

The 19-year-old DJ Madeon, real name Hugo Leclercq, has revealed on his Twitter and Facebook pages that his next eagerly anticipated song will be called Technicolor, and revealed the release date as well as a website and a teaser video including segments of the song.

The musician released another video beforehand with a coded message appearing in it. It was later revealed in the teaser video that the code translated to the word Technicolor, his next song.

Madeon also recently revealed the artwork for the track too on his Twitter page, which clearly linked to the song’s meaning, with vibrant colours and detailed drawings that were designed by the musician himself.

From the brief segments that were played through the video, fans can expect strong drum rhythms along with wonderful melodies and a funky chorus to make a song that is certain to be a success upon it’s release on August 3rd.

In the video, it was also mentioned that the song would be released at the following link: madeon.fr/technicolor


Things Britain Should Borrow from America

So whilst in America, I’ve seen a lot of things that Britain could do with having, because there are amazing things in America that could come in handy if the UK was to borrow them.

1. The Walmart Plastic Bag Swivel Thingy…

Sorry, I can’t find a picture or the actual name for it, but there is a thing in Walmart where the cashier can put your goods straight into the bags and swivel it round for you to put back in the trolley after it is scanned! That is a great idea! For us, it prevents the difficult and often awkward task of having to stand there and hold up the queue whilst we put a large amount of goods in plastic bags. We need this!

2. More Free Wi-fi Hotspots!

Believe me, I was taking my phone with me wherever we went, and most of the time we had free wifi! It’s always a nice thing – free Wi-Fi, but sadly in Britain, you don’t get many of them, and most aren’t even free and you have to ask for a passcode.

3. More Memorable Parking Spaces!

Sure, most people know where they parked their car, but theme parks make it all the more helpful by giving each sector of a car park a character. For example, one section of parking in Universal Orlando was ET, and another at Disney’s Magical Kingdom had different sections, one being Heroes and another Villains, we were in Scar and Jafar. It was much easier to remember. We don’t have it in England, we need it there!

4. More Visual Experiences!

I’ve been to a lot of parks and a lot of them have sights you can see rather than just having rides. As a person that doesn’t like rides much, having stuff you can see and interact with is always a good thing. Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure is great as you can actually see and enter shops, and even see Hogwarts itself!

5. A Live Show at a Theme Park

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you could go and see the American Idol Experience, which was like seeing the show live. There was also Fear Factor Live at Universal Orlando, which was awesome to see the stunts live. I think it’d be great if a famous UK TV show set up a live version of the show at a theme park. There’s always something great about seeing a show live,

Those were my 5, but if you’re from the UK and have been to America, feel free to comment with your add-ons!


I have a YouTube blog!

So for a while I’ve had a YouTube vlog, but with nothing on it. I’ve subscribed to channels, but I have posted no videos myself as I am very camera shy. However, a few people said to post a video of me performing a number with a band onto my YouTube page, as they thought it would be good. After a while, I decided to post the video. Now, my first video is of me drumming and performing a cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.

You can view the video here, and for those who are wondering what I look like, I am the drummer. Ta-da!

Also, be sure to follow the band Start the Car on Facebook and you can check out their website here. Do let me know what you think, as I might make a few more videos in the future, if I can pluck up the courage…

Feel free to share the video too! The more views the better!


Fear of the Unknown

So whilst on holiday in Florida back in the last two weeks, we went to all the theme parks and water parks. What this involved is roller-coasters, flumes and rides. However, whilst others on the holiday were adventurous with the rides, I am a bit reluctant when it comes to rides. I like to know what I’m in for, which is what I’m going to talk about today.

Fear of the unknown. Why do people fear roller-coasters, clowns and other things we can’t assign an identity to? Is there a psychological element to this fear?

Now, those who have been following my blog for a while now will know that I like the mind – it interests me – and that I like to write about psychology whenever I can. So I couldn’t resist writing this post when the idea came to mind. Anyway, back to the topic of today’s post…

I am not a psychologist, so can only give it from my point of view and my knowledge. Here we go!

Fear of the unknown is often assigned to the inability to identify something, whether it be something like identity, time, or future happenings.

It can also be assigned to time. For example, we went to a water park named Wet ‘n Wild on our holiday, which sees a flume where people enter a capsule and at any moment the floor gives way. The person inside the capsule then falls into a slide which takes a vertical drop. Pretty scary, huh?

The fear in this is that we like to be organised as a species. We are animals that just go ahead and get stuff done. We like to put times on things we do. We like to know that at 12 we are going to have lunch and at 7 we have dinner, for example. We like schedules.

This ride in particular uses that, but on a smaller scale. What some people fear on that ride is the timescale to which the trapdoor falls. We can’t put a time as to when it will go. For some, it may be a second, or two. It changes, and that is fear of the unknown.

Then there is fear of the unknown in terms of identity. This may be why children and some adults fear clowns and other similar people, it is because we are unable to identify who the person is underneath. We are unable to determine whether they’re good or bad. Nothing is revealed about them, they are “unknown”.

Fear of the unknown is often used in horror movies. The cliched moments where the protagonist peers round a corner. Suspense is created because we fear the unknown. The “unknown” in this situation is “what is around the corner?”

So, going back to roller-coasters, and other rides, most are based inside (well, at Florida they were), which doesn’t allow riders to know what the ride involves. For me, that is why I don’t go on many rides.


Recipe for a Thinker | Weekly Writing Challenge

How to Create a Thinker

You will need:
A brain – the bigger the better
A person of which requires or owns a mind
221 newspaper and magazine subscriptions for reference and knowledge purposes
A library full of books to use as an object to boast about your nerdiness
At least one person on a social network or a blog site that is willing to listen to your irrelevant ramblings
A preference for the fictional world more than the real world
An interest in the future
A pose to allow complete contemplation


1. Use your brain to question random and spontaneous parts of life and think of irrelevant topics and questions you have always wanted answered.

2. Then use the library full of books and the 221 magazine subscriptions to saturate the brain and make it have more knowledge so you can find the answer.

3. Squeeze your opinions and wit into a social network or blog site, doing best to post constantly, adding a pinch of spontaneity and randomness to each post.

4. After a few months, a preference for the fictional world and an interest in the future should form inside the mind.

5. Place the mind back into it’s owner, and after a few minutes, allow the mind to generate a thinking pose. After a few minutes, a thought, idea or deep thinking will occur.


This post was written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge.

REVIEW: Not so “elementary, my dear Watson”…

So, whilst on the plane to Florida, I had a lot of time to read, write etc (I wrote this post whilst on the plane, in fact. So much free time!). But it was to my surprise and glee that the airline offered in-flight entertainment. This involved Games, Movies, TV shows, and other interesting features.

I avoided films, purely for the fact that a movie would interest me but I wouldn’t be bothered to wait 2 hours or so to finish it. (I wouldn’t say I have a low attention span, but a movie needs to be really good for it to be worth watching).

I also played some games. Mostly Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Chess, and Battleships. However, the touch screen became very frustrating so I gave up. In a last ditch attempt, I browsed the TV section.

Most of the dramas and shows on offer were not to my taste. If not that, they were episodes from half way through a series. For example, Game of Thrones is a drama I have been longing to watch for a while after all the good reviews, however, the entertainment system only offered Series 3, which wasn’t really that helpful…

I kept on searching until, to my joy, I found the programme Elementary. For those who don’t know, Elementary is an American take on the Sherlock Holmes character, and is based on a modern day Sherlock Holmes. This version is an American take on the famous sleuth, and sees the detective move to America, and Dr. Watson being played by a woman, with Watson’s first name being cleverly changed to a similar-sounding Joan Watson.

When I first heard about it, I was a bit disappointed with the fact John is played by a woman in this version. However, I was willing to give the show a chance, and so pressed play.

Sherlock, in this adaptation, is played by Jonny Lee Miller. I have to say, after watching the 45 minute episode, he cleverly portrayed some of Sherlock’s key characteristics: insociability, unawareness of other people’s feelings, and using his deductions to often confuse Doctor Watson. Throughout, he does a good job of portraying the way in which Sherlock handles his cases.

Lucy Liu plays the female version of Sherlock’s “companion” (the term used in the drama, but it is debatable, as Sherlock refers to Watson as his “personal valet”. Not to mention in the English version, Sherlock, John is referred to as his “colleague”.). However, rather than Joan having the background of being an army doctor, Joan has the background of being a former surgeon. However, both in Sherlock and Elementary, Watson’s personal life is explored by Sherlock. Both include situations involving mobile phones, and both include Sherlock making an error.

But the disappointment comes with Watson’s story. There isn’t really much development, nor is there much involvement in the plot, just some sub-plots. However, in the first episode of Sherlock, Watson near enough saves Sherlock’s life by dealing with the villain, in this, there is nothing more than a revelation that she was a bit of a bad surgeon…Bit of a contrast…

As well as that, I was saddened to find out that, unlike Sherlock, no secondary characters were introduced. Sherlock sees the introduction of Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, and cleverly makes the audience presume it is Moriarty. However, in this episode, there is no reference to either…

But having said that, the first Sherlock Holmes book (A Study in Scarlet) doesn’t feature Mycroft or Moriarty, so I suppose they were trying to stick to the book. But it could be argued that they didn’t stick to the book at all. The case included in Elementary in no way matches that in the books and in the Sherlock drama, however, it is a good plot for the episode either way.

A good point I picked up on was that by having Watson being a woman, it can increase the chances of Watson and Sherlock being in a relationship. I have only watched the first episode so don’t know if it happens in future episodes, but it would be good for the development of Sherlock and Watson’s friendship.

But overall, it was OK. The plot was interesting, but the sub-plots of Watson and Holmes were small, and so didn’t make it very interesting, but I still enjoyed it. I would probably watch another episode, but sadly I don’t think I will be able to (I might not have the TV channel that shows it).

Also, side note, I presumed Elementary got it’s name from the famous quote Sherlock is apparently rumoured to have said: “Elementary, my dear Watson.”. It’s a good name, but it has been found that in the books Sherlock never said the sentence, and so has become a common idea we associate with the detective, but isn’t true. This disappointed me in a way, but I did enjoy it.

And woah, that was a long post! I need to do more long posts like this if they get a lot of views! I will have to take note…