T.G.I. Thursday!: No More Science! Yes!

So today saw me do my Science Physics exam in the morning. 9am. For one hour. But I have to say, this was an exam I was looking forward to. This was the last exam in Science. Ever. Woohoo!

So I may have already mentioned that I absolutely HATE science. I like astronomy, don’t get me wrong, the stars are fascinating. But I used to think science was all reactions and fizzes and weird experiments, but instead, it is so confusing!

You see, I’m one of those people who gets confused easily. I’m basically like a computer, if I get overloaded with information, my mind displays a dialogue box, and fails to work – like a computer. This often happens in my science lessons.

It’s probably because of the extensive detail that confuses me. I’d be fine with the fact that there are things called “atoms”, but by going on to say that they have electrons, protons and neutrons etc. inside them? I’m confused.

It’s a shame because I have been put on a “fast track” course, which means that I do the compulsory Science course, plus a more detailed course into what we study at the compulsory level. The problem with “fast track” is that it does exactly what it says on the tin. It goes through everything on the curriculum at the speed of light (I know, an ironic pun), meaning it’s quite hard for a confused person like me to pick up on and understand everything.

I immediately thought that this wasn’t for me, and I questioned how I even became to be in this fast track set. Okay, I liked the interesting models they used to explain things when I was in middle school, but obviously it gets complicated at upper school…

But believe it or not, despite me having quite a negative attitude about science altogether, I actually did OK on the tests. On the tests I have received the results back for, I am getting B’s… which… to say the least…is weird. But it was thanks to some revision books I brought which made the whole course easier for me.

But the last of the tests in Science was today, which is good, as I never can and never will do Science again.

Right, I shall sign off for now, as I am off to celebrate me no longer doing such an annoying subject. But in the meantime, have a good Thursday!


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