Weekly Update: Lie-in Jetlag and Book Juggling

Hello! So, another week has gone by, and it is now the end of June. But anyway, what has been happening in the Life of a Thinker?

Lie-in Jetlag:

This is a new term I have coined after two times this week where I have had a “lie-in” and slept in bed over 12:00pm. This is a surprise to me as usually I get out of bed at around 9am, or at the latest 11am. But when getting out of bed at 12am, this is when I seem to get a weird form of jetlag. My mind wakes up thinking that it is 9am, a time where I usually get up, but instead, it’s not long before half of the day has already been wasted in me sleeping. This happened to me on Tuesday and Saturday this week…

Book Juggling

OK, so I wasn’t actually juggling books, but what I meant by this is that I’m going through another stage in my writing. If you haven’t seen my latest Friday Article (if not, do check it out!), you’ll see that I have ditched my previous genre and I am instead writing stories about different things, in the hope that I’ll be able to finish a book which I will feel proud of.

Another busy week then! Have a good week this week!



Thank You to New Followers and Post a Day

OK, so I’ve just realised, I’ve forgotten to thank my new followers recently. I now have just under 300 followers – 291. That is amazing. Thank you! I hope you enjoy my blog.

But in other news, it is nearing the end of June, and secretly it had been a goal of mine to reach 10,000 views by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I am only on 9,100 or something similar.

Now what this means is that if that stays the same at tomorrow, it would average at around 910 views per month. My ideal number would be 1,000 views per month, as that is a pretty awesome statistic.

The reason why I have around 9,100 views is because I haven’t been posting much. This is both because of exams, and that I don’t have many ideas. So hopefully, I have a plan where over the next two months, I hope to post every day. This should then get my blog views up, and make it more likely for me to achieve the statistic of 1,000 views per month.

It will start next month. So on Monday, expect a new post every day from me. Huzzah!


Liam to Write in New Genres | The Friday Article

Despite many years being focused in a particular genre, Liam has now decided that he wants to broaden the genres in which he writes about…

Liam has now decided that he wants a change after many occasions of writing in one genre, and hopes to span into other genres that may lead to him finishing a novel – something Liam has continuously failed at doing.

“I have heard advice in the past that encourages authors to experiment with different genres, so I thought it was about time that I did that. I’ve now also decided that the plot will determine the genre, as what I usually do is make the plot fit the genre, which can often lead to plot-holes, and may be the reason why I give up on countless stories.”

Already Liam has had a couple of new ideas that he could write about, and hopes to start writing again soon.

“I’ve got a few, but it’s still early stages.”

As always, Liam promises to keep people updated.

Writing By Numbers 2.0 – Infinite Thinking

Hello! So I’m now going to start getting back into the habit of blogging. It has been a while, and during that “while” in particular, I gave up on the book surrounding my “Writing By Numbers” project.

It’s annoying for me as I always have great ideas that I think are capable of becoming good books, but when I start planning and writing they start to stretch out into something I don’t think people will read. So usually I give up on the book altogether…

But I’m still writing. I have said in the past that writing is my number one hobby, and I would love to make it my job some day. Because of that, I’m still going to work hard on getting a book published.

I now have a new idea which I believe has the capacity for fulfilling a large plot structure. It has the possibility of having a few sub-plots which can run alongside the main plot, which could mean that I end with a finished novel with no plot-holes! Woohoo!

As always, I am passionate about any new idea I have. But what this does mean though is that I have to reboot the Writing By Numbers Project. So it has now been simply renamed to “Writing By Numbers 2.0”, with the first number being not really a number, but infinity.

I now have this new idea, and already I have begun with getting all the plotting stuff sorted. All sub-plots have been made as big as they can be, and the main plot has been made as exciting as it can be. I now have a brief idea of the story, but need enough ideas to form a finished plot structure.

So I have now begun to do infinite thinking. I need to come up with ideas that can allow me to fill a plot structure, and as well as that, I need help with plotting itself. Got any tips when it comes to plotting books, do let me know!


Weekly Update: Freedom!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring exciting news

I have finished my exams! Meaning, I can do more blog posts!

This should be exciting as I’ve noticed my blogging has slowly ceased once again (damn you, exams), but I have no more exams now, so I should be blogging more often now! Woohoo! Freedom is great, isn’t it?

What this also means is that I will have more time to write, which means I can continue work on my poetry book: Colour, and my fiction book, which is constantly changing. B ut hopefully one of them should be finished soon!

So another quick post from me again, but I shall be returning to this blog more often! Yay!

Have a good week,


A Day in the Life of The Life of a Thinker

Apologies for the title being a bit of a tongue-twister, but I thought I’d do what every blogger and vlogger ends up doing at some point in their career/blogging life…

A Day in the Life post…

So, I thought I would do that today, so here we go!

The day starts like most does, when someone wakes up. Well, due to me being particularly lazy, I wake up, then have a lie in on weekends. If I have to do something that day, then I usually stay in bed until I’m reminded that I have to go somewhere. But otherwise, I stay in bed until something I need to do forces me to get up.

I have breakfast (usually toast, I’m not a fan of cereal) and all the usual stuff and then I check my social networks. I then, if I have time, start working on my book or do important business surrounding writing.

When I have something to go to, it is usually volunteering, as I have a lot of free time at the weekend. I usually spend some time helping local charities and organisations.

I then have lunch, and get some more work done. At some point I also practice my latest grade on my drums for a while. I then get back to other stuff I can do before it is the evening.

I usually stay at home and watch a large amount of TV. I like the normal junk that is shown on Saturdays, and make note, as some dramas that are shown do help my writing. Then, when nothing good is on, I go upstairs and read something that may be interesting, as I have heard that creativity is common in early mornings and late nights…

Not very eventful, I know, but it varies depending on how busy I am. But anyway, that was a tiny little insight into my daily life. Feel free to post your response!


Liam Prepares for Camp NaNoWriMo | The Friday Article

For Liam, it seems as though November can’t come round again soon enough…

Liam, who blogs on WordPress with the site name: The Life of a Thinker, has confirmed that he will try his best to partake and win Camp NaNoWriMo in the July period, and write 50,000 words of a novel or add onto his current work in progress.

“NaNoWriMo is a great motivator,” The blogger said when interviewed by The Friday Article. “People from all around the world use it as a tool to finish their current WIP’s and to greatly improve their writing, and I’ve yet to finish a book that I intend to publish, so July’s Camp NaNoWriMo hopes to put that in motion for me.”

Liam also apologises and says that his blog may be a bit inactive for most of the time, but will endeavour to update fellow writers and blog followers of his progress.