‘Random Access Memories’ Review | The Saturday Article

After iTunes announced that it was streaming Daft Punk’s latest album, Random Access Memories for free, Liam has used the opportunity to review the album, track by track, and has given his verdict.

Liam O’Dell has found the album overall to be an array of computerised effects and vocal talent, with the likes of Paul Williams and Pharrell Williams (of no relation) adding to tracks on the album, each track is as diversified as the last.

All songs can be considered the traditional Daft Punk method of producing quality music, but each track places a twist on their style we know so well. Tracks can be described as having vibes of jazz, funk and elements of rock in some songs.

Source: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/random-access-memories-20130513

In detail, the tracks have been analysed by the musician in detail.

1. Give Life Back to Music

Soul – like vocals make it a nice, mellow, smooth, and good song. A great start to an album.

2. The Game of Love

This song is clearly aimed at the funk genre, and this is enforced by the fact that the guitar tune creates a funky feel. However, the slow and calm piano melody in the background contrasts this by creating a quiet sound. The vocals of the track adds to the sophisticated jazz/funk theme.

3. Giorgio by Moroder

The start of the song is not that satisfying, as there is a lot of talking at the start, which personally, I do not favour. But, after that has finished, the piano and guitar create an off-beat related riff. The piano melody itself can be considered as being really funky. However, after a while I considered the riff to be a bit repetitive. Despite this, I appreciated the jazz-like tune half way through and the solo bass and drum parts. Also, I liked how it brings out the drums near the end, and adds interesting effects. It later goes into a really crazy but funky chorus and this is helped and supported by amazing and complicated drum tunes and effects.

4. Within

The piano creates quite a jazz, smooth, and peaceful melody to the tune. The song mostly consists of a piano melody, but this makes it quite relaxing. The clear cymbal parts reinforce ideas of jazz, and so does the bass and guitar through “slide effects”. The vocals seem low and this creates a funky and slow jazz feel. A slow drum tune reinforces the idea of the song being a calming and relaxing track. In my opinion, this track was quite short.

5. Instant Crush

The song starts with a stereotypical rock/pop feel with a good bass background to it. However, the vocals are less funky, but there is a clear rock beat to the song on the drums. The guitar chords add to a chorus build up and the vocal talents of Julian Casablancas are clear and very talented, and is supported by the fact that he achieves quite high notes in the song. The 8 – bit solo near the end creates a clever and conclusive ending to the song.

6. Lose Yourself to Dance (featuring Pharrell Williams)

There is a clear rock drum beat that starts the song. The off-beat in the guitar riff adds to the funk pattern that appears throughout the album. As well as that, high pitched vocals show Pharell Williams’ talent on the track. The track also has connotations of the track being like an anthem, as the clapping on the track hints at an off beat, funky and dancing purpose of the song.

7. Touch (featuring Paul Williams)

There is a good use of computing effects which are used at the start. Then, after the computing effects, a crescendo and diminuendo occur in a funky fashion and create excitement. As well as that, scales are used. There are clear vocals and a saxophone tune as well which make it seem normal. However, the vocal talents of Paul Williams can be a bit over jolly at times when it comes to this song. But on the other hand, the trumpets and trombones add to orchestra and jazz tune and the violin parts that are played and background opera singers can make it romantic. Near the end of the song though, there is a low drum beat and the vocals start to become dull before a bizarre cut off and ending to the song.

8. Get Lucky (featuring Pharrell Williams)

The song has a new start which is different to the radio edit that has already been released. The light piano chords to add to positive and calm mood and the stringy effects on the guitar adds to the funkiness of the song. The bass guitar also adds to idea, but the blues effect on the piano and the drums could suggest jazz or slight pop. As well as that, the vocal talent of Pharrell Williams is diversified, but in some areas, can be a bit repetitive. There is also a really controlled and sophisticated hi hat part and drum fill.

9. Beyond

The song is immediately dramatical with violin effects, and can be seen as almost movie like. Ot also creates climax but this decreases and calms down into a plucky guitar main melody. It them descends into typical Daft Punk vocals. A detailed drum beat with opened hi-hats create funk feel and the piano part adds to this. There is a clear melody and the messing around with scales and arpeggios is clever, controlled and effective.

10. Motherboard

There are weird effects at start. The drums in the song suggest an African feel, but the effects used can mess this up. Overall, this song can be confusing, but can be considered as a flurry of musical melodies.

11. Fragments of Time (featuring Todd Edwards)

The song sees some great vocal talent. The bright tone of music suggests a summer feel and positivity. The drums add to a smooth and relaxing tune as well as the light bass of the song. The song has an overall blues feel.

12. Doin’ it Right (featuring Panda Bear)

The vocals included in this song can be a bit repetitive, but simplistic and clever drum beats create a slow feel. But the repetitive vocals are covered over by smooth verses of rhyme over the top. There are computer effects and the solo creates diversity in the song.

13. Contact

This is a great ending to the song. There are amazing effects and really complex drum fills, but the “accelerating” noise and other noises can be a bit too much for the listener.

But overall, the album is a decent and funky re-introduction of the band, and I expect some of these songs to be successful as singles. Bravo Daft Punk!



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