Sherlock: The Three Clues Explained (SPOILERS)

So this may be a bit late, but work on Sherlock Series 3 is underway, and filming is going ahead. But I thought I would investigate the three clues that were announced by Steven Moffat (the writer) and Mark Gatiss (Co – Writer, and the actor that plays Mycroft Holmes). The three are…

Rat, Wedding and Bow

The episodes are all based on the short stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. So, as a massive Sherlock Holmes fan, loving both the books, and film adaptations, I know most of the tales surrounding Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson.


I was brought to the attention that the episode was called “The Empty Hearse”. Immediately I realised that the episode would probably be based on the short story called “The Empty House”. In the story, Sherlock Holmes explains how he defeated Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, and Moriarty’s right hand man, Sebastian Moran, is introduced as the “bad guy” in the book. So it is likely that this will be the same in the episode. So, if this is true, who will play Sebastian Moran?

Apparently the “rat” comes from a brief reference in the book. But I am not sure what exactly it involves as I haven’t read the book yet.


It was revealed that the episode would be called “The Sign of Three” (of course, this is going to be based on “The Sign of Four”), and an image tweeted by one of the production team shows them filming in a canal with a canal boat (this reinforces the idea, as there is a part in the book where the duo chase a group of people on a canal boat on the Thames).

The “Wedding” part can only hint at Watson’s love for Mary Morstan. Although they do not marry in the novel, a relationship blossoms. The wedding might be an understandable adaptation from the books.


Firstly, it is pronounced in the way “to take a bow”, not as in a “bow and arrow”. Because of this, it is likely that the episode will be based upon “His Last Bow”, which is sadly the last adventure for Sherlock Holmes in the book version. But it is true that there will be a 4th series of Sherlock, despite the 3rd series not even been aired yet.

This is a bit hard to investigate into, as it is the finale, and kept under wraps. But it will be an intriguing episode and series.



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