Liam Replans His Latest Novel! | The Friday Article

Despite Liam working very hard to make the book match his main idea whilst also being factually correct, Liam has had to replan and alter the storyline of his book.

The new plan sees the same theme being adapted to make it more fun to read, more accurate in terms of research, and also provides room for subplots. As well as that, the blogger has also considered changing the title of his potential novel.

When asked about the change in direction, Liam said. “It is a shame that I have had to abandon my initial plan, but hopefully this will still comply with the research I have done, my main theme and idea, and the trilogy plan I have in mind.”

Liam has since made sure that the way his novel is planned makes sense to him, and – as mentioned above – has series potential, as he hopes to expand the novel into a trilogy. Liam himself believes that most crime novels tend to follow this pattern of making it into a series, and because of that, he may have to change the name.

“It is true that I may have to change the name, but at the end of the day this may be subject to change. I may not even decide the title until after I’ve finished the book, and even then, should I get published, it may change then”.

Liam is currently planning the novel, and has promised to update his blog followers on the novel’s progress as always, through his “Writing by Numbers” posts.


P.S. This post is also called “Writing by Numbers: 3 Total Replans”, but I needed it to have a catchy title!


T.G.I. Thursday!: Liam Attends a Driving Course!

Today saw the blogger, Liam O’Dell, attend a course run by his local council, and saw him drive a car for the first time.

The budding journalist attended a local course, called Xccelerate, which lead to him driving a car whilst supervised for the first time. He believes that he did well despite only stalling the car once and handled the art of steering.

The blogger, aged 16, said: “It was a pretty nerve-wracking experience. It was my first time and so it felt surreal and weird to be in the driving seat. But it was really good fun, and a memorable experience.”

At the end of the course, Liam felt comfortable and knew that he had learnt a lot from the session. He now knows all the important information he needs to drive a car in the future.


Reviewing a Book

So today was exciting, as I ventured into the outside world once more to explore. This time, I went to be filmed reviewing a book. That’s right, I am part of a book review! So, what book did I review? Well…

The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

But it was good fun, especially when I didn’t particularly like the book, so it gave me a lot of stuff to talk about! At the start, I mentioned a bit about myself, which included me plugging this very blog! It was great, and reminds me that I should be in more review clubs!

Another funny thing about it was that I haven’t finished the book! I spent a lot of hours last night reading the book, but still didn’t finish, and even whilst in McDonalds, and on the train to the location I still didn’t finish it! But, after reading it so far, I doubt I will finish it, and probably continue reading the 1,000 page Sherlock Holmes book that’s probably been gathering dust since I haven’t read much of it recently.

But as well as that, today I went on the train (as usual) to the venue, which is nice, as it gives me reading time and time to sort things out, which is always helpful. As well as that, I had a Subway for lunch, which involved me having a free cookie for some reason. Thanks Subway! So yeah, today’s had it’s perks.


Weekly Update: No More School!…. For Now…

So I am now in Sixth Form, as on Friday, it was my last day of school as a Year 11 student.

What now happens is that I go on “Study Leave”, which basically means that I don’t go to school as I have to revise for the upcoming June exams. But, once they are out of the way, I can chill out, all the way to September, where I officially join Sixth Form. Woohoo!

So, up to the 17th June I’ll be revising like mad, but after that, I shall be free, and of course, I can work more on my book! Double Woohoo!

Have a good week!


Writing by Numbers: 52 Chapters Needing to Be Planned

So this series of posts has kind of slowed down recently, due to exams and other commitments. But after school finishing yesterday, I have more free time before exams finish around June. Then, until September, I have loads of free time, which means… more book work!

At this current moment in time, the last chapter has been partly written. I usually like to do that. By writing the last chapter first I have an idea of how the story ends, and I can plan towards the ending I want.

But in order to write the book, I need to plan! I’ve created a 52-chapter plan now, and all it needs is filling up! O.K., you may be wondering:

Liam, why 52 chapters?

Well, it requires a bit of maths…

My chapters usually end up to be around 6 or 7 pages, and usually they come at around 2,000 words, if the chapter’s good. So, I checked a link that says what word count the book needs to be if I want to publish it in a particular genre. If I remember correctly, it’s around 100,000 words… Blimey….

So, a bit of division. 100,000/2,000= 50 chapters

Then I just added 2 so I could add more room for things to pan out…

But now, I best get planning! As always, I’ll let you know!


Liam announces big changes to the blog | The Friday Article

Blogger Liam O’Dell has announced that some big changes will be made to The Life of a Thinker over the next few weeks, an exclusive interview has revealed.

Exclusively to The Friday Article, Liam has explained the reasons behind the change in the way he runs his blog.

“I’ve recently realised that I haven’t celebrated my blog reaching 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 views… I think, and I’ve always promised that I would do something to celebrate it. Usually I do poems, drum videos, but now I’m running out of ideas… I need something new for my blog.” he said.

The Friday Article now has the privilege to say that we will be working with Liam on his latest project. He has since tasked us with operating polls for his blog, seen below, and urges that everyone votes wisely, as it determines the way his blog is run.

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to the readers of my blog, and what they want to see, so by creating forms, I can do that.”

To participate, please answer the following questions in the comments (you can choose multiple answers)

What style of posts would you like to see more of on my blog? (Choose all that apply):

– Life Updates (eg. Weekly Update)
– Topic-Related Posts (eg. Musical Discovery)
– Book Updates
– Something New (Please specify)

Which posts do you like reading/seeing on my blog? (Choose all that apply):
– Musical Discovery
– Liam Interviews
– Writing Wednesday
– T.G.I Thursday!
– The Friday Article
– The Weekly Saturday Post
– Weekly Update

Would you like me to continue celebrating all-time view milestones?
– Yes
– No

Please comment your answers below!


T.G.I. Thursday!: No More Additional Science!

So today I had an exam, (I’m currently taking my GCSE’s – people in the US, it’s like a big test we do which determines our futures. Anyone know what I mean? What’s the American version of a GCSE?)

But anyway, I had two exams today, but one of them was Additional Science (this is basically compulsory science, plus some more complicated stuff). Now, I don’t know if I’ve told you but I hate Science. So it was a massive relief to finally get rid of Additional Science.

What was better was that in the exam itself, I think it went really well, which doesn’t happen often in a subject which you don’t understand and absolutely hate. I felt very confident.

So yes, I am in the middle of exams at the moment, and I have one last science left, before I can say goodbye to it forever! Sorry that I haven’t posted much recently, now you should understand why!

Happy Thursday!