The ‘LOL’ Problem | Weekly Writing Challenge

Depending on how you see it, LOL can mean two things: “Laugh Out Loud” or “Lots of Love”. In the first instance, the word meant “lots of love”, and was used in text messages to send love to relatives. But, like the English language itself, new words have been added, and old ones have been improved.

LOL was one of those that has been improved over recent years. Now meaning to laugh out loud, or to basically laugh in any way, shape, or form, this has become the most known use of the acronym, and has now become a word people say (pronounced: [l – oll]). But because of this, the LOL can lead to confusion, and maybe even controversy. Many people have now heard the joke, where a text can be misinterpreted, but a change in the meaning of LOL can cause problems. For example, this text below:

John, your goldfish has died. LOL.

The sender of the message clearly meant “lots of love”, and has yet to been informed of the change. But the receiver, John, may believe this to be “laugh out loud”, which can change the whole meaning of the text…

Personally, I’ve grown up with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and many people resort to acronyms and abbreviations to get their point across in the easiest way possible. Because of this, the use of LOL has since been promoted as meaning “laugh out loud”. But yet, it is still debatable.

What about you? What do you think the meaning of LOL is? Comment below!


This post was written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge.


17 thoughts on “The ‘LOL’ Problem | Weekly Writing Challenge

  1. Hey Liam, just a thought. You know the technical world is moving along so quickly, it’s hard for someone like me to keep up! It’s not that I don’t consider myself fairly intelligent, it’s just that by the time one reaches a certain age, our brain has accumulated so much knowledge that there’s little room to expand onto other categories – so something has to give! LOL

    I’m not ready to pack up my important memories, placing them in a closet in my mind, to learn how to Twitter, which doesn’t seem that important in the hierarchy of life. Ya know what I mean? LOL. There are many who know how to text but they don’t know the only four-time elected President of the United States or how to add without a calculator. It’s a matter of priorities. Great post, LOL!!


  2. For me it has to be laugh out loud. Although now that I’m thinking about it, Laugh out loud is a really weird thing to say when you find something funny. Was it “Laughing out loud” to begin with?

    (It’s up to you to decided what that ‘lol’ means)


    • Hmm… Interesting. You’re right about it being a weird thing to say, as “laughing out loud” is the whole point of a laugh. A laugh is basically a loud exclamation of noise when someone finds something funny, which is exactly the same thing when it comes to LOL.

      No it wasn’t. I think at the start it was “lots of love”, but now modernisation has caused it to be used mainly as “laugh out loud”…



  3. I’ve only always now it as “laugh out loud”. Although most of the time the person using it may not always be laughing out loud and sometimes, it seems the LOL used may be in a context of trying to be sarcastic or placate. At least that’s the feeling I got when I read the lines of text. Have a good day 🙂


    • Hmm… Interesting… That’s the thing with things on the Internet, acronyms as well to be honest. They can be misinterpreted. So you’re right, they can be used as a sarcastic comment. 🙂


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