Catch it While You Can… | Weekly Writing Challenge


I love this picture, and I like to consider it my blog’s logo, as I use it so often on this blog. i guess you could say that it is literally, icon – ic… But anyway – joking aside – the folks at WordPress, in particular, those at the Weekly Writing Challenge have asked us to take a photo, and explain what makes it iconic. Here we go!

I took this picture when I visited Cornwall a couple of years ago. This image in particular was taken at a beach called Portcothan. The beach is so nice, and me being a bit cocky at the time with my photography skills, I thought I would experiment with the Sun in my images. Some worked better than others, and this one works perfectly.

Now having that picture to hand, it reminds me of the great memories and times I had in Cornwall, and Cornwall still is one of my favourite areas in the UK, and since this picture was taken, my love for taking pictures of rocks has grown. Linking with this, I thought I would go further into why we take pictures of rocks, and what makes rocks, and my pictures iconic.

Linking with the question the folks at WordPress asked: “What would a future archeologist say about this moment?”, we choose to take pictures because not only are we fascinated by their structure, but also, we take it because we will probably never get the chance in the future.

Without going too far into geography or erosional processes, waves erode at rock near the sea, and they lead to beautiful rocks like these:


No longer exist. So, go out and take pictures of these beautiful scenes before it is too late!



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