The ‘LOL’ Problem | Weekly Writing Challenge

Depending on how you see it, LOL can mean two things: “Laugh Out Loud” or “Lots of Love”. In the first instance, the word meant “lots of love”, and was used in text messages to send love to relatives. But, like the English language itself, new words have been added, and old ones have been improved.

LOL was one of those that has been improved over recent years. Now meaning to laugh out loud, or to basically laugh in any way, shape, or form, this has become the most known use of the acronym, and has now become a word people say (pronounced: [l – oll]). But because of this, the LOL can lead to confusion, and maybe even controversy. Many people have now heard the joke, where a text can be misinterpreted, but a change in the meaning of LOL can cause problems. For example, this text below:

John, your goldfish has died. LOL.

The sender of the message clearly meant “lots of love”, and has yet to been informed of the change. But the receiver, John, may believe this to be “laugh out loud”, which can change the whole meaning of the text…

Personally, I’ve grown up with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and many people resort to acronyms and abbreviations to get their point across in the easiest way possible. Because of this, the use of LOL has since been promoted as meaning “laugh out loud”. But yet, it is still debatable.

What about you? What do you think the meaning of LOL is? Comment below!


This post was written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge.


An Eventful Rowing Session | The Friday Article

In the busy town centre, on the river, Liam had an eventful rowing session on the water…

The blogger, now a novice rower, almost fell in the freezing cold water whilst rowing earlier today.

Losing control of the oars, and losing his seat, he clung to the boat desperately in a bid not to get his vInspired hoodie wet. The boat continued to wobble, and gravity was nearly able to take it’s toll, but eventually, the boat returned to a stable state, and Liam was able to continue rowing.

The fun then followed with training in the gym, by performing balance exercises which could be incorporated into our rowing. In particular, it was highlighting the importance of not “slumping” when sitting down, as it puts strain on our muscles. By doing the exercises, it highlighted the fact that sitting up straight is key to good balance and posture, and essential when it comes to rowing.

Liam is expected to continue his rowing courses next Thursday.

In Other News…

I recently reached 8,000 all-time views! Thanks everyone! Now I have to think about how I could celebrate… I shall go and put my thinking cap on. Bye!


Weekly Update: Balancing Act

So this week has been another busy one. I’ve got more added to my workload, and because of that, my writing progress and reading progress has stalled (The Complete Edition of Sherlock Holmes still lays unread on the cupboard near my bed). So, whilst balancing work and jobs with free time to write, I am making slow, but good progress in my current WIP.

I am currently getting further in creating my chapter plan. Since my book is a thriller, I aim to make each chapter contain some form of action, because it’s fun to write, and it must surely be fun to read if it is fun to write? Also, it gets people turning the page, and makes great cliffhangers…

But anyway, I hope to make more progress in the future, and as always, I shall keep you updated…


Writing By Numbers: 2 Tasks at Once

So this is a first in a new series… Similar to what I did last year with my NaNoWriMo posts, I aim to update you with my current WIP, but in an interesting way (for those of you asking, I am afraid that I am not doing Camp NaNo in April or July – or whenever it is). But either way, I would like this book to be finished and publishable as soon as possible, without it being rushed.

So, the first number in the series is 2, this being that I wrote the first chapter yesterday evening, but also, I have to continue planning the novel, so I did and am doing that now as well. The reason I wrote the first chapter first as it gives me an outline, and it worked.

Now, I am slowing piecing what happens throughout the whole book. I have an idea of what happens in the first few chapters, and the last chapters, but I still need to have a think. The next number should be when I work more on individual chapters. I shall keep you updated.


Book Festivals on the Rise | The Friday Article

Book festivals which combine signings, talks and meetings with fellow writers are on the increase, with many taking place in the next few months and in the summer period.

Book festivals used to be rare in the past, with only a few gaining a popular knowledge and memorable image. But now, small scale festivals are getting their chance to shine.

Most of them are crime festivals, and seem to take advantage of breaks and the fact that summer is fast approaching. The line up seems promising, and are certain to help writers that need inspiration.


T.G.I Thursday!: The Start of Me Getting Back into Blogging…

O.K., so it used to be that I blogged every day on this blog, with a clear schedule taking place. But, it feels as though my blog needs that extra something, and I want to get more readers (of course, but not only that, if I get 8,000 views by the end of April, I will have on average, 1,000 views a month). So I need to get my thinking cap on once more, as I may be busy, but also, I can’t think of what to blog about!

I have heard of The Daily Prompt, but yet again, I don’t want to rely on them every day for my blog, as I want my blog to be specific to me (without it sounding selfish). So I need to start thinking of original ideas that are specific to me… Hmm…

I have had a thought, and after the success of imPRESSive, I can now report that something new is being planned which aims to unite bloggers (more info when I find out what it is) and I will try and make it so that everyone is involved!

So, what I aim to do now, is do more “progress” posts, as these can be linked to the meaning of this blog, as it is talking about personal progress. So, I’ve had an idea which I think combines this with a hobby of mine. As well as that, it will be posts similar to my NaNoWriMo updates that I did last year. Anyway, what I am going to post about is my new book!

Sorry, but not the actual chapters due to spoilers and me being protective over my work (plagiarism an’ all). But I hope that by doing this, I can record a full writing journey, and should inspire some of you guys.

So, expect the first to be coming out shortly! It should be nice for you to get an insight into my writing process. The first will be up shortly!

Let me know if you think this is a great idea!


Musical Discovery: Hey, Soul Sister by Train

So this “theme” on my blog has been absent for a while, not because I haven’t discovered new music, but because I’ve been a bit busy. But anywho, here’s a nice song I discovered recently.

First of all, I know this song was released in 2009, but it’s a great song, and still some “old” (I use quotation marks because songs can’t really be classed as “old”, they are eternal) songs from the past couple of years have become popular again, and some have become classics that we still love today. But anyway, it’s a good song that I happened to come across.

The music video for this song links with it’s upbeat theme, with a typical love story taking place whilst displaying the lyrics on everyday objects. It is a very clever video on the technical side of things, as it appears that the music video uses stop frame animation to make the lyrics move.

As well as that, the actual song contains upbeat elements itself, mainly helped by the high tune ukelele part that continues throughout the song and the folk/jazz like drum groove. I also applaud the singer’s ability to sing a large amount of high-pitched notes throughout the song, especially the ridiculously high “Hey” at the start of the chorus.

So I guess the main reason why I like this song is it’s jolly feel to it, and to be honest, there isn’t nothing better than a feel-good song. Well done Train!