Musical Discovery: ‘Endorphins’ by Sub Focus feat. Alex Clare

So for a while now, I’ve been experimenting with what I can do Music – wise on this blog. I chose to keep it to Monday, since earlier blogger friends remember my Music Monday posts (but they’re not on anymore). So I tried Music Calendar, but forgot about that, so instead, I’m going to post new discoveries every week that I’ve found in the world of music. This week it’s Sub Focus featuring Alex Clare with “Endorphins”.

I first heard this song on Annie Mac’s radio show on BBC Radio 1 (as Sub Focus tweeted) and was the first time that the single was to be played. So I thought, with this idea in mind, that I would blog about the song. As a fan of Sub Focus ever since the release of Tidal Wave, I was keen to have a listen to the song. The song also sees Sub Focus (real name Nick Douwma ) collaborate with Alex “Too Close” Clare, famous for his song being played in the background of the previous Internet Explorer advert. This song looks set to be popular.

Starting with a strong drum beat, the song soon sets the electronic and trance – like melody in place, and then introduces the vocal talents of Alex Clare. The lyrics are very relevant to the pace of the song, and builds up ready to the chorus.

This is where Sub Focus takes the centre stage and prepares us with an interlude that we can dance to. It suddenly goes into a form of acapella, before introducing the background music that increases before it “drops” into a heavy electronic melody with an almost drum and bass/dubstep mix. A perfect combination that works well with the song.

The vocals continue until the chorus, and like the traditional Sub Focus method, the chorus increases it’s tempo, increasing the speed of the drum and bass background and creating a faster melody on the synthesiser.

However, some parts of the song that took me by surprise were the constant playing of the “Facebook notification” sound, which many people have said fools them into thinking they have received a Facebook message. As well as that, Alex Clare’s vocals are mixed in the third, very brief verse, which sees Alex Clare’a voice go apparently female and makes tunes out of his vocals. After this the song fades out, a perfect song.

This song is bound to reach success, and has been massively anticipated. I’m a big fan of his work and know the collaboration was a good one.

The song is yet to be released, but the song can be listened to by clicking here!



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