The summary of the live blog…

Part One: Missed Train (15:45-16:04pm GMT)

So after 30 minutes of preparation, we drove to the nearest train station. But, like a scene from a dramatic movie, we arrived to see our would-be train drive away. So now we’ve got a 15 minute wait for the next one. So I’ve seized the opportunity to post this. Part Two will be when we go on the next train.

Part Two: The Train Arrives (16:05-17:03pm GMT)

So I am now on the train. Very good as it means we’ve got tables! I rarely get them on trains, so that is good. Whilst I travel to the concert I guess I’ll probably be on Twitter and listening to music. But the problem is that the signal is bad, and takes forever to upload things. Part Three will be later, when I get off the train.

Part Three: Where Now? (17:04pm – 17:28pm GMT)

So I’ve arrived at St. Pancras, which involved me being asked “Do you smoke?!” by a girl – bit awkward… And witnessed an epic moment where a man just caught his train, just as the doors closed – epic.

Now I’m on the tube to Leicester Square, as we’ve got some time in our hands to look around.

Part Four: In a Pub, Watching Telly: (17:29pm – 18:02pm GMT)

We’ve found a pub, and the rugby is on, so it’s very… loud. But it’s got free Wi-Fi! So we’re waiting now… It starts around 6, so we’ve still got some time.

Part Five: China Town: (18:03pm – 19:09pm GMT approx.)

We have moved from the pub to China Town. I am now in a restaurant ready to have some Chinese!

And on the way, we saw a bunch of girls screaming as the “Janoskians” were nearby. Who are they?

Part Six: Back on The Tube, It’s Nearly Concert Time! (19:10 – 20:00pm GMT)

After having a three course Chinese, we’re going back to the concert venue. It’s nearly time!

Part Seven: Done (23:00pm-1:07am GMT)

I am now on the train home after an epic concert. I will explain more tomorrow on my Weekly Update. Thanks for following me on the journey!



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