Forget Dogs! Why Every Computer is Like It’s Owner…

We are becoming a world influenced by technology. You probably have a mobile phone (I do – but rarely use it for some reason…) and some might have a computer as well. But can we say that we are influenced and dependant on technology these days. Could you say that we are becoming computers?

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Information Padawans – Backup CD’s, Memory Sticks and Floppy Discs:

People love to share information. Sites like Facebook and Twitter support this idea. But to a computer, CD’s and Memory Sticks are like friends that want to learn things from a computer. Hence my term for describing it: “Information Padawans”. They enter the computer, copy information onto themselves, before leaving the computer alone for a while. This is a mirror image of the friends we have today. They always learn information from us, and we always learn information from them, and in the end, we both go away knowing a bit more about the world.

Mankind’s Ability to Multitask – Dialogue/Error Boxes:

Like some people today, the ability to multitask is impossible (like me). For example, if two jobs come my way, my brain can’t understand the information given, and like a robot, my mind starts repeating the words DOES NOT COMPUTE and in the end, I abandon both tasks altogether. This is similar to the computer aspect of error/dialogue boxes. The computer starts panicking, claiming that too many things are going on, and puts a dialogue box up before doing something stupid like shutting down or restarting a program.

Life’s Little Problems – Viruses

It’s coincidental that they have the same term for the bad stuff on computers and the bad stuff which affects us. Life’s little problems can be seen as viruses as they come our way to our little computer – like others, and in the end, we are able to deal with them (some computers better than others).

Our Ability to Deal With Life’s Little Problems – Anti – Virus/Firewall

You could say that these is our Immune System for our computer selves. They get rid of the problems so we can continue our little happy lives…

Different Computer Programs – Our Mind:

So there’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All known for doing different functions. Like our mind, perfect for doing each little jobs.

So, we are like computers. But what do you think?




4 thoughts on “Forget Dogs! Why Every Computer is Like It’s Owner…

      • Linux is an operating system similar in function to Windows and iOS for Apple devices. And Android. I run a popular flavour of it called Ubuntu on my 6 year old laptop and it still works a treat. It’s not for everyone, historically it’s been favoured by computer geeks but it’s user-friendliness is improving all the time. And due to its nature it’s considered to be more virus-resistant than Windows. But it runs everything I need: email, Firefox, LibreOffice (MS Office compatible office suite), Gimp (Photoshop equivalent), Scrivener is even available (but not officially supported) and heaps more stuff is available for it. And best of all it’s all free under the GNU public license.


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