Weekly Writing Challenge: Love by the Tram

Love by the Tram:


It was supposed to be a business trip to Spain,
Instead I fell in love again.
We shared the same hotel room – Room 22,
We even ordered room service and a meal for two.

From the time spent together, we exchanged our live stories.
And created our own memories.
Just don’t call it holiday romance, call it sightseeing,
But you were the only beautiful sight to me.

But the time run out, and the relationship ended,
I had to say goodbye to the woman I befriended.
So when your holiday was over, and you had to depart,
You left me in Spain, alone, and with a broken heart.

On the last day, we walked together for the last time,
But It wasn’t long before the tram arrived.
So after a weekend away it’s come down to this,
You start with a hug, and then leave with a kiss.


This post is in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, which asks us to write a piece of creative writing based on the above picture. For more information, click the above link!


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