So at the end of the day, my Stats looked like this…


What a great start to the New Year… THANK YOU!

So, for those new to the blog, every time I reach a milestone, I celebrate. So what will I be doing this time?

I’ve had an idea, I’ve done it in the past, and it has been successful. If it successful again, I’ll do it for every view/follow count that ends on 50 (eg. 450…550..)

Send me blog post suggestions!

This week I have some gap in my usual schedule (Tuesday and Friday), and I want to say thank you by giving you something to get from. Send me a suggestion to write about and I will pick my best two for those days!

Also, use this opportunity to say hello to other people! All those who have viewed this post, comment saying your name and a little bit about your blog before linking to it in the comments! Have some extra views/followers on me!

So comment below with your post suggestions, and introduce yourself to others!

Thank you for the views, and stopping by!



5 thoughts on “4,500 views!

  1. Congrats again! I finally placed my awards on my new page site and had an opportunity to thank you. Knowing how busy this blogging is, I doubt if you’ve had a chance to go on my blog recently so I wanted you to know, Yeah I realize, – so many Followers, so little time, right? Proud of your success kiddo, keep on keeping on!


  2. Wow Liam, 4500 is impressive! When my blog grows up, it wants to be as popular as yours! I’m looking forward to your upcoming Advice on Writing series, and I’ll be honored if you find anything from my past blog posts that might be applicable. Thanks for keeping us entertained!


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