T.G.I. Thursday!: Nearly new year and presents!

Well, recently it was Christmas – Yay!

So, I will do my best not to boast about what I got. But I got the Complete Book of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock: Series Two!, and apart from that, some other books and some general presents.

But anyway, that was yesterday and Tuesday. I’m talking about today of course!

Now, after Christmas has sadly ended for another year, there comes that point where days become boring as you wait for New Year’s Eve so you can get rid of 2012 and focus on the new year. So today I used this free day to get some jobs sorted. It’s nice to get everything out of the way, ready for the next year coming up.

Happy Thursday!



6 thoughts on “T.G.I. Thursday!: Nearly new year and presents!

  1. Glad that you got what you wanted for Christmas, I know what you mean about getting jobs done, I’ve used my ‘time off’ to clear out my computer files. it’s a glamorous life. lol


  2. I love your Xmas presents! lucky you! I’ve been doing some cleaning out also, getting ready for the new year. I believe it’s going to be a great year. I believe, I believe. 🙂


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