Weekly Update: A week of plans and productivity

First of all, I have just realised that I have been blogging for every day in December without me being aware of doing so. So thanks for putting up with that, and I suppose it adds to the Christmas feel, as my blogging schedule in December is kind of turning into an Advent Calendar. Yes, there is a blog post tomorrow, and not another post until the 27th. So, basically, my blog’s becoming an Advent Calendar…

Also, some of you may have noticed (if so – sorry!) that I experimented with the new “Themes” in WordPress. At the time I thought it would be nice to change. New Year, new start and so on. But when I changed the themes around, they weren’t what I preferred, and so I had to revert back to this theme, which took time. As well as that, a few things have been added and deleted. I have got rid of pages such as “Share” and “News” and have changed the schedule in “About”. It’s a whole new blogging year for The Life of a Thinker in 2013!

But anyway, back to what has happened this week…

It is now the week before Christmas, and in my previous Weekly Update posts, I did mention that the plan for the rest of 2012 was beginning to smooth out. That is still correct to this day.

Although I still have tasks and jobs to do, I have organised them so they don’t get in the way of Christmas and New Year’s. It’s always nice for me when I have a plan, what about you?

My WIP Update:

This week with regards to my WIP has gone well. I did have a bit of “Writer’s Block” at one point, but it wasn’t long before I was back to writing. I am currently on Chapter Ten (although I have skipped a chapter as I need to do more research) and have wrote the last chapter (as I like to know how it wraps up). Also, I had an AMAZING idea this week for something that will happen in Book Three (as it’s a trilogy), and let’s just say that I can’t wait to write it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: A week of plans and productivity

  1. It is fab that the writing is going well. What’s the plot. I’ve currently at the end of my second pass. Plan is to let it sit for a couple of days then over the hols and wait for some beta readers to get back to me. I’ll have time to read their bits then and crit them back. 🙂 Happy holidays… and happy writing, if you ever need someone to bounce off, hit me up.


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