Blog Awards! Thank You! (Award Nine 5/6 – The Blog of the Year 2012 Award)

OK, so at this point, I have to admit that there’s a strategy involved here. I want to get everyone previously nominated to six stars before the end of 2012 (otherwise it’s pretty pointless).


Yay! Only one to go! Thanks so much to Richard Leonard !

The Rules:
1. Collect Six Stars (I have four!)
2. Nominate as many people as you like (you can even re – nominate to get the nominator to six stars!)
3. A more easier version of the rules can be found here!

The Nominees are going to be the same – so they can get the six stars as well!

The Nominees:
1. Richard Leonard
2. Creative Learning Haven
3. Paige Nolley
4. New Creations Ministries
5. J L Roeder
6. Words That Flow Like Water
7. Yomicfit

Thanks so much Richard!



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