So after being a bit busy today, I returned to WordPress and checked my Stats…


Oh. My. Word.

To be honest, I was hoping that it would happen, as it would be 4,000 Views in 4 MONTHS! (Well, I started blogging on August 12th this year, and up to now, that’s 4 months. That means, on average, I’ve reached 1,000 views per month! That’s amazing!!!!

So, to how I will celebrate…

Well, since it’s nearly Christmas/Xmas/Chrimbo/”The Holidays”, I thought I would be a bit festive with my celebration this time round. What I mean by this is that I aim to wave my wand and make a dream come true (metaphorically, not actually as it wouldn’t work).

Now, you may remember that I did promise a while back that I would do more “life updates”… Well, this Friday, I aim to do just that!

This Friday, at 12pm (GMT), I will put up a new blog post which will be a new meme, but will be based around “life updates”. So see you then!

Merry Christmas and Thanks so much!



4 thoughts on “4,000 views!

  1. That’s awesome! That’s much more blogging success than most people see, so congratulations to you. It feels really good to watch the views climb day by day! You’ve got a great blog and you deserve every view you get!


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