The emotions of blogging

Dear Liam,

There are different parts of your mind which are a bit uncertain about certain elements of your blogging. I have done my best to control them, but I have wrote this letter to bring some of them to your attention. I’d warn you, there are a few problems…

“Am I talking to myself? Am I? No – ones commenting, the views have been low all week. You keep begging everyone to like the pages every day, but nobody visits. Please, please, please be Freshly Pressed.” – The Desperate One

“Just give up. Every post you have written had typos in them. To think that you want to be an author or journalist one day? Shame on you, Liam. Give up now, before your future is destroyed.” – The Critical One

“You do call yourself a Thinker, so go and explain your opinions. It doesn’t matter if it offends someone, it’s freedom of speech. Everyone’s entitled to it.” – The Daring One

“Why did they have to get Freshly Pressed? Come on Liam, come up with something which will get you Freshly Pressed. I can’t believe that you weren’t Freshly Pressed for one of your posts.” – The Jealous One

“Refresh, refresh, refresh! Oh my word, I need to answer every comment, get everyone to visit this post, this is so amazing!” – The Excited One

“I could think of 1,000 better things to do rather than you blogging… 1,001, 1,002, 1,003…” *The original comment has been shortened to prevent boredom* – The Procrastinating One

“Hm… What to write about… Hm… I don’t know… Erm… Damn I can’t think of anything, check out today’s Daily Prompt. You’ve never done it before.” – The Thinking One

I hope that you can put all of these queries to rest…

I anticipate your reply,

Your Mind


18 thoughts on “The emotions of blogging

  1. If it makes you feel any better, I hear that being Freshly Pressed isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, you get a ton of exposure, but with exposure comes trolls. Plus, once that one post is no longer on the FP board, all you can do is hope some of the readers decided to stick around. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think all bloggers crave recognition. Here I am… RECOGNIZING. You feel awesome now, don’t you?


    • Interesting views, I suppose that is the case. But I’m sure trolls can be handled with, for example, the moderation button can always come in handy…

      Haha! Thanks! πŸ™‚


    • Haha! 10,000?! Flipping heck, I said 3,000 – but getting 10k in 3 months would sure be great!

      I am a Thinker, hence the name of the blog. The above post was more comical, rather than actual… But I suppose it can also show you a bit more about the thinker that I am. Haha!

      Haha! Nah, I blog for the reason that everybody else blogs for, for fun!


  2. Liam, I’ve been blogging for over 6 years now. Sometimes this stuff takes time to grow. I get about 45 hits per blog post and I’ve had to accept that unless I write about Liza Minnelli, it isn’t going to shift much upwards.


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