GIFs: I still prefer the corner of a notepad…

Most are just of a stick figure, running around on the corner of the page… But ever since the invention of the animated GIF, the days when notepads were a form of creating animations are gone.

But what are people’s opinions on the GIF, is it a more modernised version of the old flip book? Is it a new way of telling comical jokes, or is it a way of conveying news in the current age?

Personally, I think it’s a more professional form of animation (going by the fact it has the name “Animated GIF”, rather than being called something like a “motion picture” or “moving frames”). Since in the current millennium, we already know that we are avid users of technology. The usage of computers has rapidly increased recently, through social networking and e – mails, and we are constantly finding technological alternatives for everyday tasks, in this case, animation, which was before used, like I mentioned, on the end of a notepad.

But when it comes to the purpose of the GIF, for me, it has always been satirical, about a story/purpose, or for a joke. For example, Nyan Cat is a common animated GIF that has been seen as comical.

I think it’s just a form of entertainment, but does the GIF have any faults?
– The visible looping: You can always see that part where the animation ends and returns to the beginning.
– The lack of quality: Some of the GIFs on the Internet aren’t of good quality.
– The frame speed: Some GIFs take forever to occur, and some are too fast.

I refuse to use a GIF on my blog, I prefer to use the corner of a notepad, where there are no faults, and you can have hours of fun!

But what do you think? Do you use GIFs on your blog? Do you think they are used for comical effect or political commentary? Comment below!


The above post is in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, which asked bloggers the question: “Are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millennium?” For more information, please click the link.

2 thoughts on “GIFs: I still prefer the corner of a notepad…

  1. Most GIFs I see are childish and distracting. I have seen some that are worthy of being called art, but I would likely not put them on my webpage either. It is my belief they are good for gaining attention. However, if there are too many or if they are too large and bright, they can distract from the real content. It is my belief the way GIFs are being used for political cartoons is too silly to be useful. They aren’t even cartoons, they are loops of animated resources that have little to do with the statement written below. I like the “Flip Book” concept, used it on my post.


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ll be sure to follow and return the favour! 🙂

      Absolutely. Blog posts are mainly to be read, and we should not be distracted by motion. Yes, they can be seen as childish, and I doubt that I ever will use them on my blog.

      Glad you agree with the good old flip book! 🙂


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