NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 27: A muck up and drag in word count

Once again, sorry about the technical issue… *sighs*

Anyway, today I have started to realise a problem…

This problem is the fact that a lot of crazy things have happened in my story, and some don’ exactly make sense… Such things include:

– Changing character’s surnames
– Bringing dead characters back to life

But when it comes to that, I dismiss the problem. That issue is for December! Right now, I’m focused on this 50k words!

Also, my word count’s been dragging a bit recently, and I am fearing that I might have to write an awfully long epilogue or add another chapter where I just waffle until I reach the word count…

But now I must return to NaNo, where I now have to return to writing 2 chapters a day (but just for today). Then, I should hopefully finish it!

Let’s hope so!


Current Word Count: 43,913
Current Page Count: 186
Chapters Completed: 30



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