NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 24: Two chapters!

So usually I do one chapter a day, but on yesterday’s post I promised to do a sudden burst in the word count… And that was what I did…

I wrote two chapters, and over 2,000 words. Yes!

However, I have 7 chapters left, 7 days left… Pretty convenient, yes? But when I am writing around 1,000 words a day, I don’t think I will reach 50,000 words…

So a little bit of panic… But if it comes to the last day and I’m in trouble, I am sure I can write an epilogue where I can carry on writing until I reach 50,000 words.

Good news, though, I am set to finish on November 30th!


Current Word Count: 38,813
Current Page Count: 166
Chapters Completed: 27



4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 24: Two chapters!

  1. Awesome, awesome… I don’t even have mine set in chapters yet. Just marked all with stars lol… But I do have a plan to follow, only half way through it, but I’ll finish even past Nov. 🙂 Good luck…


    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

      Thanks! Ah cool! Good luck to you too! 🙂

      What’s your NaNo name? You can add me as a buddy if you like! 🙂 Mine’s…



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