2,500 all-time views!

So after reaching 2,000 views, I became less interested in my stats, to be honest. But when I refreshed it the other day, I noticed that I have been so lazy that I didn’t notice me getting 2,500 all time views! Thank you! 🙂

How shall I celebrate?

I have come up with a way of celebrating, and in case you don’t know, I like to give something back when I reach a new milestone. So this time, I thought I would do a little post about drums, because as a drummer myself, they are awesome, and they’re quite cool.

The Drum Kit:

Photo: Matsunoshin on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons – https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/legalcode.

The Bass Drum (The Large One):

The drum was probably given it’s name for it’s low sound, similar to that of a bass guitar, it is commonly used as the time or beat setter. It constantly keeps time.

The Hi – Hat (The Weird Diamond – Shaped Cymbal):

I don’t know at all why it is called that, but it sounds quite awesome either way. This is most commonly used as a cymbal and is commonly used in most drum beats/grooves.

The Snare Drum (The One to the Left of the Hi – Hat):

This is also as commonly used as the bass drum and hi – hat. As all three make up a good drum groove. Snare drums are also the main drums used in parades and festivals.

The Ride Cymbal (The Leftmost Cymbal):

This is commonly used in jazz, and providing a nice funky groove.

The Crash Cymbal (The Rightmost Suspended Cymbal):

This is commonly used as an introduction into the major part of a song, and is used for musical effect.

The Left Tom (The Leftmost Round Circular Drum – ironically on our left but on the left when you play):

This is used when the drummer goes crazy and improvises. This provides opportunity for the drummer to have a mess around on them occasions.

The Middle/ Right Tom (To the Right of the Left Tom):

It also has the same purpose as the Left Tom.

The Floor Tom (The Drum which is attached to the Ride Cymbal):

As well as this being the same as the other toms, it can be used for dramatical effect by the fact it has a low tone.

Thanks for viewing and stopping by! Thank you!



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