NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 30: I’m a winner!

Today I typed the last words of my novel… And through that, I reached 50,000 words… WOOHOO!!!


It feels so good to have completed it… Wait… What’s that sound? The Evil Editor has gone on a permanent vacation? Serves him right, I’m now an unstoppable writing machine!

So tomorrow, I’ll have the chance to relax. For NaNoWriMo would have ended…(boo hoo) And I’ll probably celebrate today by eating a lot of these…


What will I write next? You’ll have to wait and see…

Thanks for all your support and encouragement throughout the 30 day process, thank you all!


FINAL Word Count: 50,261 (According to NaNoWrimo – 50,084 according to my own calculations)
FINAL Page Count: 208
ALL Chapters Completed



Liam Interviews… Mr. Snowman!

Yes! It’s another interview!

Now for those who read the interview with Mrs. Snowman (if not you can click here!) you will know that she is the wife of Mrs. Snowman… Now, of course, it would only be fair if I interviewed him too…

Mr. Snowman is the new character in the John Lewis Christmas advert, where he goes off on an adventure to find Mrs. Snowman that one true gift for Christmas…

1. When did you first meet Mrs. Snowman?

I first met her during a particularly heavy snowdrift in the Cotswolds. It was love at first sight, although her carrot nose was wonky.

2. In the advert, you got Mrs. Snowman some gloves for Christmas, but what would you like for Christmas?

A new laptop. Seriously. I’m a gadget freak and can often be seen hanging around John Lewis technical departments.

3. What are your opinions on The Power of Love – the song used in the advert?

3. It’s a superb song. Even better than the original which was already a classic. How Gabrielle managed to top Frankie…well, she did good

4. What is your favourite Christmas Song?

4. My own favourite has to be Slade. It’s not Christmas until you’ve heard Slade on the radio. Well, that and the Frog song by McCartney

5. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Favourite thing about Christmas? Ummmmm… well, it has to be Mrs. Snowman. She may nag, she may moan. But she’s mine. (smiles)

Thanks for stopping by and reading and thanks to Mr. Snowman for the interview,


NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 29: I’m going to win!

Today I got that feeling when you know that the ending line is in sight, and that you’re going to reach it.

Although my book is now finished (I finished the last chapter), I am going to write the epilogue (which I have never written before) of around1,400 words. I will then be finished! I will have a finished book, and have completed NaNoWriMo!

Also, I got an idea for my next WIP. So NaNoWriMo has it’s benefits!

Here’s to the finish line, the last day, and the ending being in sight! 🙂


Current Word Count: 48,661
Current Page Count: 204
Chapters Completed: 33


T.G.I Thursday!: Go productivity!

So today, I have been a bit productive, and not just for NaNoWriMo…

I have done other things today which have deadlines and things which need to be done by a certain date. So this may be similar to a previous T.G.I post, but doesn’t it feel good when you’ve completed a job?

I am nearing the end of NaNoWriMo, and judging by the reactions by people when the find out that they have won, it feels good to win, and for me. I should finish by tomorrow! So yay! Go productivity and the feeling you get afterwards!

Happy Thursday!


NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 28: The plan is working!

It’s Day 28, and this is the day where I am starting to get confident…

The word count is nearing the 50k mark, and as the title says, my plan is working…

I have done two chapters today (and today only), which leaves me with two chapters left. One I expect to be around 1,200. From that, I should reach 48k, and on Friday I shall write the last chapter – which is an epilogue where I am to waffle write the minimum until I reach 50k! Yay! Go plan!

So the fact that I’m nearing 47k is exciting. I predict some good news by tomorrow! See you then!


Current Word Count: 46,935
Current Page Count: 192
Chapters Completed: 32


GIFs: I still prefer the corner of a notepad…

Most are just of a stick figure, running around on the corner of the page… But ever since the invention of the animated GIF, the days when notepads were a form of creating animations are gone.

But what are people’s opinions on the GIF, is it a more modernised version of the old flip book? Is it a new way of telling comical jokes, or is it a way of conveying news in the current age?

Personally, I think it’s a more professional form of animation (going by the fact it has the name “Animated GIF”, rather than being called something like a “motion picture” or “moving frames”). Since in the current millennium, we already know that we are avid users of technology. The usage of computers has rapidly increased recently, through social networking and e – mails, and we are constantly finding technological alternatives for everyday tasks, in this case, animation, which was before used, like I mentioned, on the end of a notepad.

But when it comes to the purpose of the GIF, for me, it has always been satirical, about a story/purpose, or for a joke. For example, Nyan Cat is a common animated GIF that has been seen as comical.

I think it’s just a form of entertainment, but does the GIF have any faults?
– The visible looping: You can always see that part where the animation ends and returns to the beginning.
– The lack of quality: Some of the GIFs on the Internet aren’t of good quality.
– The frame speed: Some GIFs take forever to occur, and some are too fast.

I refuse to use a GIF on my blog, I prefer to use the corner of a notepad, where there are no faults, and you can have hours of fun!

But what do you think? Do you use GIFs on your blog? Do you think they are used for comical effect or political commentary? Comment below!


The above post is in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, which asked bloggers the question: “Are animated GIFs the stuff of junior highschool hijinks or, are they the political cartoons of the new millennium?” For more information, please click the link.

NaNoWriMo Project 2012: Day 27: A muck up and drag in word count

Once again, sorry about the technical issue… *sighs*

Anyway, today I have started to realise a problem…

This problem is the fact that a lot of crazy things have happened in my story, and some don’ exactly make sense… Such things include:

– Changing character’s surnames
– Bringing dead characters back to life

But when it comes to that, I dismiss the problem. That issue is for December! Right now, I’m focused on this 50k words!

Also, my word count’s been dragging a bit recently, and I am fearing that I might have to write an awfully long epilogue or add another chapter where I just waffle until I reach the word count…

But now I must return to NaNo, where I now have to return to writing 2 chapters a day (but just for today). Then, I should hopefully finish it!

Let’s hope so!


Current Word Count: 43,913
Current Page Count: 186
Chapters Completed: 30