Weekly Update: Skyfall and Waterfall

So the other day I realised something, which made me feel kind of confused, and a little bit stupid… After doing this blog for more than two months, with a name “The Life of A Thinker”, I have yet to post about what has happened in my life.

So why not start now?


Last Saturday I went to see the latest James Bond movie: Skyfall. It was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and as an aspiring crime writer, it helped rid me of my writer’s block. It also gave me a lot of inspiration for my current WIP. Great ending too.

Indoor Surfing:

On Sunday I went “Indoor Surfing”. That was so much fun! We started off with “Boogie Boards”, and then progressed to small surfboards and standing up. There were some fails as well.

For those who have seen one of my first blog posts (Thank you if you have), then you may wonder what the waves were like. Well, they were less hectic than the ones at Cornwall.

But overall I did progress on to a couple of tricks on the “boogie board”, and when I did, I felt like the guy from the MoneySupermarket advert.

Expect to see more weekly updates soon! (Probably after my NaNoWriMo Project)



8 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Skyfall and Waterfall

  1. Just wondering . . . are you from Cornwall? My grandfather lived in Truro, England until he arived in the US in 1902. What beautiful country! One of my regrets in life was that we didn’t travel there when we lived in Germany. (Golfing in Scotland took priority.) So let me understand . . . you are NOT the guy in the picture?????


    • Thanks for the comment! Sadly, I’m not from Cornwall. I’m glad you agree, it is beautiful down there, and great inspiration for a writer.

      Wow! I’ve heard of Truro, great place down there.

      Oh no! That’s not me in the picture! Haha! It’s a guy from an advert which I saw (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIh80X92NN0) and I was saying that was what I felt like after doing the indoor surfing.


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