Music Video Analysis: Calvin Harris feat. Example – ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’

Music Video Analysis:

Music Video Analysis is when I analyse some of the most confusing music videos and try to make sense of them using my forms of analysis.

The Song:

We’ll Be Coming Back is the song formed by the collaboration of Calvin Harris and Example. The reason why this song has been brought to my attention is because in the past, some of Example’s fans have joked with him, claiming that none of his music videos make sense. Recently, Example tweeted that he didn’t mind that, but when it came to the song “We’ll Be Coming Back”, neither Calvin Harris nor himself knew the true story behind the video.

The Analysis:

Already from the start of the video, we can see the use of flashbacks and changes in time. From the fact that the first scene shows Calvin waiting for Example, but then cuts to the two of them robbing a handbag. All the song needs to do in order for it to make sense is reorganise it into the right order:

1. Example and Calvin Harris steal the handbag, but are caught by a female cop, which chase after them.

2. Example and Calvin later manage to lose her, so they then create a map, with an X as to where the bag is to be buried.

3. They bury the bag, and on a matchstick box, is written the location of their next meet – up, this is handed to Calvin.

4. Calvin is found by the female cop and is forced to hand over the matchstick box with the address.

4. Example is shown waiting in his car at the address, with the map (showing the location of the bag) near the windscreen. The female cop cuffs him, hands him back the matchstick box, and forces Example to hand her the map. He does so.

5. Calvin and Example meet up at the place where the bag is buried to find the bag missing. Then the cop is seen in a reflection holding the bag.

6. It then ends with Calvin and Example chasing after the cop to get the bag back.

The Video:

The video can be watched by clicking here.



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