Read what you write aloud – Discussion #5

This is the second I also agree with, even though I am yet to do it. For me, I tend to do it in the editing process. But I think it is very important.

Personally, I believe reading and speaking the same thing are different, because they are very different from each other. That’s why it helps in the editing process, it’s the different perspective allows us to notice the mistakes we missed when we were writing the first draft.

This is the first and only draft on this post. Read it aloud and see if there are any errors, if they are, post them below and I will edit it. It is just to see, read it out and it’s likely that there’s a mistake I’ve made and haven’t noticed as I wrote this. But to conclude, reading your work aloud is a good editing process!

Do you agree or disagree on this? You can comment below!

Also, next week is the last in this little “series”. But I can confirm that there will be a second series in the New Year! So get your ideas for discussions in!

And in celebration of me getting 300 comments, there will be another post up at 7pm (GMT). See you then!


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4 thoughts on “Read what you write aloud – Discussion #5

  1. When I have taught writing to college students, I always told them to read their work out loud before turning in a final draft. Who knows how many actually did it, though. Next time I teach I should probably have them do it in class!


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