‘Would you rather…’

First of all, this is not my idea. It’s this thing that’s trending on YouTube, but I have asked a lot of people I know and they have found it interesting. So here it is, two games which I find funny. Place your answers in the comments!

What is Would You Rather…?

This is simply where you choose one over the other option, but both have their problems… So, would you rather…

1. A hook for a hand, or a wheel for a foot?

2. A hand to replace a foot, or a foot to replace a hand?

3. Be constantly tickled for the rest of your life, or not be able to laugh at all?

4. Be unable to sit down or unable to stand up?

5. Be unable to tell the time or tell the date?

6. Have to float in space for the rest of your life or be in the centre of the Sun for the rest of your life?

7. Be unable to hear no evil, see no evil, or speak no evil?

8. Have to write the whole numbers of Pi (eg. 3.141592….) for the rest of your life or be non – existent on weekends?

9. Be forced to randomly kiss someone every five minutes or randomly hug someone every five minutes?

10. Have hands which argue with each other or feet which argue with each other?

Personally, here are my answers.

1. A wheel for a foot.

2. A hand replace a foot.

3. Not be able to laugh at all.

4. Not be able to sit down.

5. Unable to tell the time.

6. Float in space.

7. Hear no evil, probably.

8. Hmm, non – existent on weekends.

9. Hug, probably.

10. Arguing feet.

Leave your answers below!



4 thoughts on “‘Would you rather…’

  1. Hey Liam, if I couldn’t laugh I think my brain would eventualy explode! In all of those questions I’d have to ask which would be the greater loss, for example, life in the center of the sun wouldn’t last long and #4, I could sit down and read or watch tv but I wouldn’t want to squat over a turkish bathroom for the rest of my life! My husband already greets me with a hug every morning but as time marches on, there are some birthdays I’d like to forget . . . keep thinkin’ Mr Thinker.


    • Haha! Glad you found it funny! Well, for number four in general, it just means if that was to happen, you need to imagine It really. And in that case I mean if you couldn’t die! I should have probably mentioned that!

      Glad you enjoyed the post! I will keep thinking, absolutely! I like the nickname: Mr. Thinker, mind if I keep it? 🙂


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