Music Monday!

1. Madness – Muse: I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this and Muse’s new album being released. So when I heard it on the radio one day, I liked it. (P.S. The video is out of tune due to to technical issues with the video, but it still sounds similar to the original.)

2. Skyfall – Adele: I heard a while back that Adele was confirmed to sing the new title song to the new James Bond film. I was thrilled for her, she thoroughly deserves it. It’s not a bad song though. I think it’ll be a big song in the charts soon.

3. Dancing Song – Little Comets: I heard this song advertised a while back, and at first I just shrugged it off, saying that it was OK, but after hearing it a couple of times afterwards I listened to it again and I take back my original opinion about the song.

And the inspirational/funny song this week is…
4. Duet with Myself – Charlie McDonnell: This song is quite catchy, funny, and quite cleverly done. I enjoyed it, please tell me if you do!



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