An introduction to my new event: My 30 – Day NaNoWriMo Blog

OK, so in case anyone doesn’t know what NaNoWriMo is, it is a challenge for writers to complete a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. To most writers, it is like a massive writing boot camp. I have never done it before, but after a few recommendations, hearing about it before and finding out that many authors have done it before, I’ve decided that this year I’ll (officially) give it a go. So hopefully, having a blog will motivate me to complete it.

So I have done some planning beforehand, so that all I have to do is write. This post is just a quick one explaining what will happen tomorrow, where day 1 of my NaNoWriMo Project 2012 will begin. I will be blogging every one of the thirty days, hopefully with a finished novel at the end.

All posts on Saturdays will continue, as will Music Monday. I will then include “T.G.I Thursday” in my NaNoWriMo blog. Also sorry if I overload your inbox due to constant posting!



P.S. I regret that I am unable to explain my book in great detail because I don’t like to share my ideas publicly. However, that said, I won’t be as vague as possible when it comes to describing chapters in my book. It’s just I want to keep the whole plot etc. a bit personal. I wish to cause no offence or upset because of this, and hopefully you’ll understand.

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Weekly Update: Skyfall and Waterfall

So the other day I realised something, which made me feel kind of confused, and a little bit stupid… After doing this blog for more than two months, with a name “The Life of A Thinker”, I have yet to post about what has happened in my life.

So why not start now?


Last Saturday I went to see the latest James Bond movie: Skyfall. It was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and as an aspiring crime writer, it helped rid me of my writer’s block. It also gave me a lot of inspiration for my current WIP. Great ending too.

Indoor Surfing:

On Sunday I went “Indoor Surfing”. That was so much fun! We started off with “Boogie Boards”, and then progressed to small surfboards and standing up. There were some fails as well.

For those who have seen one of my first blog posts (Thank you if you have), then you may wonder what the waves were like. Well, they were less hectic than the ones at Cornwall.

But overall I did progress on to a couple of tricks on the “boogie board”, and when I did, I felt like the guy from the MoneySupermarket advert.

Expect to see more weekly updates soon! (Probably after my NaNoWriMo Project)


Music Monday!

1. Candy – Robbie Williams: I’m glad Robbie’s back, his musical situation has been a bit hectic recently, Take That, Solo, Take That… But what about his solo career? From this it looks like it’s still standing strong.

2. Run Boy Run – Woodkid: I heard this song off an advert, and it sounds OK. I like it.

3. Pop Culture (Live Mashup) – Madeon: For those who have been a regular follower of these weekly posts, you’ll know that I recently talked about Madeon after discovering Finale. Well, this song I found is another great tune by Madeon. It combines 39 songs and mashes them up to form a really funky electro tune.

4. One More Night – Maroon 5: After the success of Payphone, Maroon 5 are back with another great single. I am a huge fan of Maroon 5 and this another great song. Bravo!

This Week’s Funny Music Video is…

5. Mr. Trololol: This song has been in my head for a while now, it’s so funny, and catchy!


Music Video Analysis: Calvin Harris feat. Example – ‘We’ll Be Coming Back’

Music Video Analysis:

Music Video Analysis is when I analyse some of the most confusing music videos and try to make sense of them using my forms of analysis.

The Song:

We’ll Be Coming Back is the song formed by the collaboration of Calvin Harris and Example. The reason why this song has been brought to my attention is because in the past, some of Example’s fans have joked with him, claiming that none of his music videos make sense. Recently, Example tweeted that he didn’t mind that, but when it came to the song “We’ll Be Coming Back”, neither Calvin Harris nor himself knew the true story behind the video.

The Analysis:

Already from the start of the video, we can see the use of flashbacks and changes in time. From the fact that the first scene shows Calvin waiting for Example, but then cuts to the two of them robbing a handbag. All the song needs to do in order for it to make sense is reorganise it into the right order:

1. Example and Calvin Harris steal the handbag, but are caught by a female cop, which chase after them.

2. Example and Calvin later manage to lose her, so they then create a map, with an X as to where the bag is to be buried.

3. They bury the bag, and on a matchstick box, is written the location of their next meet – up, this is handed to Calvin.

4. Calvin is found by the female cop and is forced to hand over the matchstick box with the address.

4. Example is shown waiting in his car at the address, with the map (showing the location of the bag) near the windscreen. The female cop cuffs him, hands him back the matchstick box, and forces Example to hand her the map. He does so.

5. Calvin and Example meet up at the place where the bag is buried to find the bag missing. Then the cop is seen in a reflection holding the bag.

6. It then ends with Calvin and Example chasing after the cop to get the bag back.

The Video:

The video can be watched by clicking here.


Read what you write aloud – Discussion #5

This is the second I also agree with, even though I am yet to do it. For me, I tend to do it in the editing process. But I think it is very important.

Personally, I believe reading and speaking the same thing are different, because they are very different from each other. That’s why it helps in the editing process, it’s the different perspective allows us to notice the mistakes we missed when we were writing the first draft.

This is the first and only draft on this post. Read it aloud and see if there are any errors, if they are, post them below and I will edit it. It is just to see, read it out and it’s likely that there’s a mistake I’ve made and haven’t noticed as I wrote this. But to conclude, reading your work aloud is a good editing process!

Do you agree or disagree on this? You can comment below!

Also, next week is the last in this little “series”. But I can confirm that there will be a second series in the New Year! So get your ideas for discussions in!

And in celebration of me getting 300 comments, there will be another post up at 7pm (GMT). See you then!


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A Dinner With Inspirations

Post Inspired by Running on Sober‘s Post Suggestion.

So in this post, I am going to talk about my ultimate 5 dinner guests, living or dead. Here we go!

1. Stieg Larsson: Stieg Larsson was the author of the massively best – selling book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and the other two books in the trilogy. For those who have read the book or know about Stieg Larsson know that he sadly passed away after submitting the three books to his agent. As well as asking him for some invaluable writing tips, I would ask about whether there was going to be a fourth book in the series.

2. Example: If you have seen my Music Monday posts, you will know that I am a big fan of his music, and it would be amazing to meet him in person!

3. Derek Landy: One of my favourite authors, without a doubt.

4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: I am a massive fan of Sherlock Holmes. It would be awesome to meet him!

5. William Shakespeare One of the greatest authors ever, he had to be on the list.

Thanks to Running on Sober for the suggestion! If you’ve got an idea for a post suggestion this week, let me know by commenting!


Kids in Adult Environments – A Question of Maturity:

Should children be allowed in adult – orientated places?

This was the question asked by the people of WordPress for this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, and it is an interesting question to investigate…

To be honest, I agree with the idea: Maturity is the basis of communication.

This can be applied to many parts of an adult conversation in an adult environment. This could be the greeting and the conversation itself. For example, the child needs to learn to engage in a mature and adult – like conversation and to behave accordingly, contributing appropriately to the conversation.

But let us not forget that the parent’s bear responsibility for their children and their actions as well. Since they made the decision to bring their child along to the place in particular, the parent should make the judgement as to whether the child is well – behaved, and able to talk to adults and be with adults without misbehaving. It’s the adult’s responsibility either way, both with their positives and negatives. They can either bring the child with them, and risk the possibility of the child misbehaving, or hire a babysitter, which may be more hassle than actually bringing them.

What do you think?


This post was written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge. You can find out more by clicking the above link.