Don’t judge a book by its cover – Discussion #1

My opinion on the famous quote is the opposite: DO judge a book by its cover.

The first reason for this is the way I choose to buy and read a book:
1. I read the title, and cover.
2. I read the blurb.
3. I read the first three pages or so.

The second being quite a valid reason, because the author chooses what the cover looks like. It shows how artistic they are and how creative they are, which readers want to know. Also, I’ve seen a couple of books with bad covers, and it may not be their artistic style to blame, it may be the effort. Another thing avid readers want to know.

So you may be thinking what is a cover that I would pick up and be interested in. Well, it has to explain the book’s plot, but without hinting at a major spoiler, and it has to have a hint of enigma to it. I think the enigma idea has to be present in the first chapter as well, it needs to ask questions, that’s what keeps a reader turning the page.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t judge a book by its cover – Discussion #1

  1. I agree that the book cover should reflect the book’s content. My memoir is about growing up as a gravedigger’s daughter, so naturally I was in cemeteries a lot. I wanted the cover to say “cemetery” but I also wanted it to indicate life. I definitely wanted something like a gravestone but also a girl. I communicated that to my publisher and they came up with something that captures what I was looking for.

    If authors have a publishing contract with a publisher, then someone on staff will design the cover, not the author. I had input as to what I wanted it to look like, but I didn’t get a say in choosing the design. If you self-publish, then yes, you have to come up with your own cover art.


    • Thanks for the comment! I didn’t know that! Agreed, you need a cover which conveys key points/parts of the novel. If you are published via. The traditional route then it is great to have a professional artist help convey through a drawing or photo what you want to convey, but self – publishing is more common, yet I think the reason why most don’t make it far is because of poor artwork.


  2. I agree on the whole – it seems to be a valid way of choosing, other than reviews or word of mouth. Only thing is, often authors don’t choose their covers – publishers do. So maybe you can’t always judge the author by the cover!

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    • Thanks for the comment! And thank you for visiting my blog! It’s always nice when a new blogger stops by…

      I know, and it’s always a shame. The author is supposed to have a whole story mapped in his/her head, and when someone changes something, such as the cover or title, it kind of ruins that.

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