‘La, La, La,’ and pointless collaborations

So from now on, I will post weekly on a Saturday, starting today.

Also I’ve decided to do my first blog post on music. This time I want to talk about two music bugbears of mine: the consistent use of “la” and some of the most pointless collaborations ever.

The first bugbear, in more detail, is that I believe more artists are using “la” or no lyrics at all to fill a space in their song. It may be catchy, but words relevant to the song’s meaning could be placed in the unused space. They can either do that or fill in the space with a collaboration.

The second is the collaborations themselves, they can be absolutely pointless on some occasions. Now on most occasions when I’ve listened to a collaboration, the one that does the less amount of singing only sings the chorus. To me that is fine – if they can do it well. But some singers can be lucky and get their own verse, and this is where some people can blow their chance.

There’s one collaboration I heard where the singer says his verse and it’s completely different to the main singer, but there’s one song where the collaborating artist says the same thing four times. To me the whole collaboration is pointless if they are repeating the same thing over and over. It may provide publicity for the artist, but it came mean a couple of bad things as well.


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12 thoughts on “‘La, La, La,’ and pointless collaborations

  1. I have to agree you, some collaborations are pointless and making you go “Say Whaattttt?” For example Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy – “What’s Up With You?” and Tammy Wynette and KLF – “Justified and Ancient”. EEK!


  2. This reminds me of The Police song ‘Do Do Do Do Da Da Da Da’.

    I think the la la must come in when they run out of words – I actually don’t mind it because I know I can’t misinterpret the words if I’m singing along with the song 😀


    • Thanks for the comment! What an interesting view! Of course, “la” or any other form of the word is good for that. I know some singers that mumble so it’s great if I know at least the part of the song with “la” in it.


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