Thank you all so much!

So some of you may not know that I only started blogging three weeks ago (the 12th August, which isn’t even a month yet!) and already a lot of great and exciting things have happened.

This post is mainly going to be another “thank you” because you are all amazing by making my blog have 537 views all – time, a total of 29 followers, 50 total likes, 61 comments, (one of my recent posts on POV got a good discussion going!), a music review, and to top it all off, two blog awards!

Thank you very much to every one of you who visited, commented, liked, followed, etc. You are all fantastic! It’s not even a month of me being on WordPress. Not only that, but I never thought that I would get that many views in one month on a view like this. Thank you!

So as the month of August has been absolutely amazing, there will be the daily post at 12:00 and tomorrow, I will be doing a very special post as a thank you!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my future posts,


P.S. An additional thank you for all those who entered my poll and commented on the POV post, most people preferred 1st person. A new post and discussion will be up shortly!


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