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Just a Quick Post… – Live Q and A!

Hi Guys!

So the event that is going to happen soon is that tomorrow, at 12pm (GMT) I will be doing a live Q and A through Twitter!

Q: I don’t have Twitter, can I still ask a question?
Sure! Either ask a question below, or on Facebook, or any other social network which I am part of. I will then answer them on Twitter (I will make sure if your question is answered then you’ll know the answer!)

How do I ask a question?
On Twitter, simply ask the question, but put #LifeQandA at the end of the tweet.

Put the date in your diary! See you (virtually) tomorrow folks!


Don’t judge a book by its cover – Discussion #1

My opinion on the famous quote is the opposite: DO judge a book by its cover.

The first reason for this is the way I choose to buy and read a book:
1. I read the title, and cover.
2. I read the blurb.
3. I read the first three pages or so.

The second being quite a valid reason, because the author chooses what the cover looks like. It shows how artistic they are and how creative they are, which readers want to know. Also, I’ve seen a couple of books with bad covers, and it may not be their artistic style to blame, it may be the effort. Another thing avid readers want to know.

So you may be thinking what is a cover that I would pick up and be interested in. Well, it has to explain the book’s plot, but without hinting at a major spoiler, and it has to have a hint of enigma to it. I think the enigma idea has to be present in the first chapter as well, it needs to ask questions, that’s what keeps a reader turning the page.

Do you agree? Join the discussion by commenting below.

Also, don’t forget that I’m looking for your writing advice, so comment below. I’ve also recently got Google +, so please add (@LiamO’Dell).


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Writing Discussions: Possible Series Two


This is a special post, and the reason why is because, depending on how well the first series goes, I may be doing another series of “Discussions on Writing Advice”, which means, I need more tips!

After announcing the series on Saturday, many people have given me their own suggestions on writing advice which I haven’t included in the series. So what I ask is for you to let me know of any writing tips you find, they don’t have to be your own, just let me know in the comments!

Please comment below, and just a reminder that discussion 1 is posted at 12 tomorrow!


T.G.I. Thursday!: Comedy and Making Progress!

Hi Guys,

At first this post was going to be one thing, but then I realised that two good things are happening today!


First of all, I found out that a new series of Russell Howard’s Good News is on BBC Three tonight at 9pm. This made me smile. I like that show, and I like comedy.

When we think about what makes something funny, it’s always a difficult question to answer. Is it empathy between the comedian and the audience, what is it?

Personally, I think it’s empathy. What makes us laugh is how someone describes something that everyone else thinks. That’s what makes us laugh, I think that. What do you think?

But anyway, I like comedy, so that should be fun to watch.

Making Progress

Now this good thing was that throughout this week. I have made progress in my book!

I’m sorry but I’m one of those people who doesn’t like sharing book ideas with people in case they get copied, but I will try not to be too vague:

After writer’s block kept going in and out of my head, I have seemed to have come up with a list of ideas and possible parts of my story to develop. I have even come up with a title!

But I should also say that if you want to finish a book, you need motivation. All my ideas came from that, and it helps, a lot. Since I used to write books and never finish them, mainly because the voice inside my head goes:

Hm… Is this actually a good idea? Will people read it?

So then I dismiss the idea, if anyone knows how to stop this, please comment, it’s a pain in the neck!

But anyway, I have confidence in this story, and I’ve researched and studied like mad, so I just need to plan it out (just a few sections) and then I will be back into writing. Yay!

Don’t forget that on Saturday it will be the first of a series of writing advice discussions. For more info, click here!


Music Monday!

So this week there’s a couple of new songs and old songs. Here we go!

1. Some Nights – Fun: The first time I heard this song I was not so keen, but I like it. I like the snare drum part. Sorry but I couldn’t find the video though…

2. Blind Faith – Chase & Status feat. Liam Bailey This song was a bit old, but I heard this on the radio and I like it. Also, there’s a Liam! Haha!

3. Pound the Alarm – Nicki Minaj (EXPLICIT): This song by Nicki Minaj is much better than Starships video-wise. And it has a nice groove and feel to it. Although almost every song from her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded that has been in the charts so far have a part of each song where there’s a rave opportunity. But overall a good song.

4. Let Me Love You – Ne – Yo: I like how this song has emotion but then has a surprise electro part to it. Nice melody and tune to it too.

5. Nick Clegg (“The Poke”) – I’m Sorry: First of all, I don’t know exactly what this song is called. And secondly, I think almost every week I have a parody song. I will try my best to find one to do every week. This one is funny because it’s remixing Nick Clegg (for those who are not in the UK, he’s the deputy prime minister) saying sorry for breaking his promise on raising tuition fees. It’s catchy, and very funny!


Introduction to Discussions on Writing Advice

So the next five posts of mine after this will be the five pieces of writing advice I find the most confusing, controversial, or best advice.

There will be five tips which I am going to discuss:
1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
2. Write about what you know.
3. Carry a notebook at all times.
4. Always know the ending before you write.
5. Read your writing aloud.

Feel free to comment on any of the discussions with your view on the subject! I would be very interested, first discussion next week!


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