Just A Few Things…

Recently I was starting to get a bit confused about my own blog with all these countdowns and challenges and everything. So to make everything clear, this blog post is just to explain things in further detail. So here are the answer to some questions I was asking myself.

How regularly are you going to post?:
OK, I want to make sure I stick to this routine now, but what is going to happen now is that I will try to post everyday until this holiday period is over and I have less time on my hands. When this happens (7th September) that post and all those afterwards will be weekly on a Friday unless they are special events like my NaNoWriMo Project for example.

What the heck is this challenge thing?:
The challenge is that at the end of the day, the all time views break the record of my predicted target, if it is broken, an additional post will be made that day. However, I am not sure that this idea will work or will make sense, what do you think? Please comment below otherwise I may cancel the idea.

What is this NaNoWriMo Project?:
I now have an idea for the project, which I will keep secret until the first day of November. But it should be fun…

Hopefully that should have made things a bit clearer, any other questions don’t hesitate to comment!



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