Just a quick thank you to all you awesome bloggers!

I know that my blog posts were supposed to be weekly on Friday, but I felt that Friday was such a long way away and that it was about time I made a new post. So, as of 24th August, the posts will be every Friday (apart from special events).

But anyway, in more exciting news, in my first week of blogging I had 93 all – time views and the last day had 40 people viewing my site. That is epic, and I cannot thank you enough.

My thanks go to everyone that’s following me on Twitter(@lifeofathinker), all those who followed me on my blog and all those who commented on my previous posts! I’d like to thank you all individually on this blog but I don’t know much about the 93 people who viewed my blog. But either way you are all amazing, I would never expect to get so many people viewing my bog, just in my first week.

Thank you so so much, new blog up on Friday, and I’m sure you will like it!



4 thoughts on “Just a quick thank you to all you awesome bloggers!

  1. Reblogged this on The Writer Without A Pen… and commented:
    Lovely to see such enthusiasm. I remember when I first started my blog, and I was that addicted and excited to post, that I just couldn’t stop! Whether I had 1 view or none, and even if it was a spam bot checking out my site, I was still so happy!


    • I agree! It is so much fun! It’s great as well because it perfects your writing, and if blogging does that, then I’m happy. I don’t mind either if a view is because of a spam bot, at least they took the time to visit the blog, it’s positive feedback no matter what! Thank you for the reblog as well, it’s really kind of you! 🙂


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