Point of View in Your Writing

Today’s post is about Point of View and which type of description using POV is right for the story in which you are writing.

So there are three types which I am referring to: 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person. But in what stories do they apply?

1st Person: My opinion on when something should be first person is when the main character is facing a strong emotion of one kind. For example, first person would be good in a haunted house/horror story, because the main character in that example is showing fear, and the great thing about writing in 1st person is that you can describe the fear (emotion) in the way the audience can relate to. However, this can be more restrictive if you intend to introduce new characters.

2nd Person:This is completely rare in creative writing. It uses “you” and usually the reader isn’t involved in the story. This POV rarely appears in stories.

3rd Person: In my opinion this is the most common, this is probably because it allows the possibility of an omniscient narrator, which allows more control in characters and the plot.

Which POV do you tend to use the most? Comment below!


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Blog Awards! Thank You! (Award Two – The Liebster Award)

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So during my blogging for two weeks I’ve now been nominated for two awards. Woah. The first award is The Liebster Award. Now as I’m new I was unsure about these awards at first but I think I’m getting there.

Who Nominated?: I was nominated by Paige Nolley, I am entirely greatful for her nomination, and you’ll be helping me and Paige out if you have a look at her blog! Thank you very much for the nomination, I am absolutely honoured and flattered. Thank you very much.

The Questions:
1. If you could resurrect a deceased author to pick their brain over lunch, who would it be and why?
William Shakespeare, without a doubt. He is a very famous writer, and one of the best out there. It would be great because I would get invaluable tips and he sounds a very inspirational man.
2. If you were famous to the extent of JK Rowling, Stephen King, or Nora Roberts, would you embrace that fame or hide away? Why?
Yes, because I want to be famous (how selfish does that sound?!).
3. What is your biggest inspiration as a writer?
This is always a tough question for me to answer as a writer. It comes from many places. But most of the stuff I write comes from my opinions, which I form from everything I see, hear and do.
4. If you could have one super-power, what would it be and why?
Mind control, psychology has always interested me.
5. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do on your own?
I can’t really think of one…sorry!

My Nominees!: (In no particular order)
1. CL Haden – The Writer Without A Pen. Ever since I first started my blog, Chelsea has been really helpful, already getting me a music review and publishing my blog on Twitter, thank you!

2. Karinthehedgehog. This nomination is for her commenting on most of my posts and her interesting posts. Thank you to you too!

3. verasilver. As an aspiring author I like Vera’s posts. Also I’d like to say thanks for commenting on my posts! Thank you!

4. Ellie – Fairies, Zombies, and Agent Queries. As a writer her posts have given me really helpful writing tips. Thank you Ellie!

5. 40 is the new 13 I have really liked the posts on this blog and her comments on my blog. Thank you!

My Questions to Nominees!:
1. What is your one most important tip for a writer?
2. What is your most favourite book and why?
3. If you could travel in time to one specific moment and meet one famous person, who and where would it be and why?
4. What is an interesting or unusual fact about yourself that you haven’t told your followers on your blog?
5. What is one thing you would like to do before you die?

So now I leave it to you, nominees (winners) to nominate too. Have fun!


Blog Awards! Thank You! (Award One – The Beautiful Blogger Award)


I got two awards this week, the first being “The Beautiful Blogger Award”, who I was nominated by Anne Katheryn Smith. Thanks again for nominating me for such a lovely award and sorry I didn’t do it sooner! I’m a bit new to these awards. But thank you very much. Also, all those viewing my blog, you would be doing both me and Anne a favour by viewing her blog, so if you could that would be great. Thanks!

1. I am interested in psychology, the mind and how it works has always interested me.
2. If you don’t know, I play the drums. I am currently Grade 6.
3. I am not only a writer of books, but I also write poems.
4. I like astrology, space and stars are always inspiring to me.
5. I have published a few poems before at a young age in a local anthology.

My Nominations!:
1. CL Haden – The Writer Without A Pen Chelsea has helped me publish my blog and even sorted out a music review for me. Her posts are also about writing. So thanks Chelsea!
2. Karinthehedgehog Not only are her posts interesting, but she replies to every comment on her blog. And I would like to thank her for her discussion about music with me!
3. Paige Nolley Writes As an author as well, I find Paige’s posts very helpful and intriguing. I would also like to thank her for her reply to my comments and her discussion about my favourite TV shows!
4. Thumb Travels These mini picture posts have always made me smile.
5. Live to Write – Write to Live This blog has always offered interesting posts and writing tips.

Thank you and be sure to check out all of the mentioned bloggers’ websites!


Word Counts and Page Lengths

Today’s post could be seen as more of a discussion, but on average, how many pages and words does a typical chapter have?

For me, 7 is around the average amount of pages, and my average word count is leaning towards 2,000 words. But how many pages and words should a chapter have?

I’ve always wondered if there has to be a specific number, since I wish to write a novel. I’ve heard the total words have to be 60,000 for it to be a novel (is this true?) but pages I’m not too sure, but it has to be a worthy amount if the book wishes to become a novel. It has to have around 200 – 400 pages in my opinion to have the size worthy for that book to be called a novel?

And also I write on Microsoft Word, so that might alter the actual page and word count. But what do you think?

News!: I will now have weekly posts on Monday! Entitled “Music Mondays!” and my NaNoWriMo book will now be called “The Critic”, sound good?


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Drummers – The Secret Conductors

This post is going to be about music (I thought that it would be good to focus on another hobby of mine), in particular, how important the drummer is to a band.

As well as a conductor, they also keep time: In orchestras or concert bands, the conductor and drummer need to keep an eye on one another. The drummer needs to watch the tempo (that’s how quickly it goes 1,2,3,4) shown by the conductor and the conductor makes sure that the drummer is following this.

They convey the theme: The drummer is then tasked with a tune, and this tune is in conjunction with the emotions and type of song. And as the one instrument that keeps time, attention is paid to the drummer’s tune which conveys the theme.


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When to use ‘an’ when referring to an object

This has been bothering me for a while now, because I know the answer to this. But I recently read an article which has confused me further:

When does an object have “an” before it, and when does it have “a”?

Now my opinion on the matter formed when I was told that if the object started with a vowel, it would have “an” (eg. An orange), and that anything that didn’t apply to that would have “a” before it.

But in a recent article I read, it threw a spanner in the works with the theory I was told. The article also mentioned that if the first part of the object had a vowel pronunciation, then that was to have “an” before it also (I understand this, such as “an hour”, because it has an “o” sound at the end).

But why? What is the actual English rule for it?

Do you know? Comment below!


I’m in a Band!

Yesterday I had my first band rehearsal! Meaning, I’m in a band! We’re mostly doing covers at the moment but it’s great fun!

Also for years I’ve wanted to be in my own band, you know, with the drummer, singer, guitarist etc…. And now the time has come! And it is great fun!

We’re mostly electro, so if you are interested, click here for the Facebook page and Twitter page. Please like and share! It would really help!


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