Normal Service Resumes! | The Friday Article

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell has revealed that normal service shall resume on his blog, The Life of a Thinker, after YouTube videos failed to embed in his ‘Musical Discovery’ posts.

The aspiring journalist consulted with WordPress Support recently after he spotted the issue, and has since found a temporary solution to the problem – writing the review before finally pasting the YouTube link.

“It’s all become very technical,” Liam admitted. “But I’m learning and thankfully the issue has now been resolved.”

Liam also agreed that there was a large amount of Musical Discovery posts over the last few weeks in order to allow him to experiment with different ways of solving the problem.

“I’m going to be pushing ‘Musical Discovery’ posts back to just Monday’s now, I don’t want my blog to become focussed on just one topic.”

The blogger also writes about writing as well as general life updates, and it is expected that Liam will post more on these topics to make up for the increase in Musical Discovery posts recently.


Musical Discovery: “Nonsense” by Madeon feat. Mark Foster

In a surprise release yesterday morning, French DJ Madeon (Hugo Pierre Leclercq) revealed the latest track from his debut album Adventure

Already Adventure boasts vocals from Kyan and Passion Pit (with a track featuring Dan Smith from Bastille yet to be released), but now, the new track, entitled Nonsense, sees Mark Foster from Foster the People lend his vocal talents.

When compared to previous releases, it is clear that each track is creative and allows Madeon to explore his talent. From the grunge style of Imperium to the upbeat pop of You’re On – no track is the same. In this instance, Nonsense has a different structure to Madeon’s other tracks.

Unlike the cinematic choruses of Pay No Mind and You’re On where Madeon displays his creative talent, this time the DJ leaves the chorus to Mark Foster – allowing him to create a chorus that showcases his soulful vocals.

Instead, Madeon adds slight electronic vibes to the song’s verses, as well as a brief musical interlude before the song finishes, of course.

As more tracks from Madeon’s debut album are released, it is fair to say that Adventure will be a hit album when it is released on 30th March.


Musical Discovery: “Cut the Kid” by Madeon

French electro-house DJ Madeon (real name Hugo Pierre Leclercq) is set to release his debut album Adventure at the end of March. In anticipation for the release, today’s Musical Discovery post is a review of Cut the Kid – which I never reviewed when it was originally released.

In the video’s description on YouTube, Leclercq describes the song as “a happy groovy production jam”. With bursts of vibrant funk and creative melodies, Madeon’s description of this track is spot on.

Throughout the song, Madeon includes funky guitar riffs, off-beat synth distortions, and dramatic build-ups to a catchy chorus. Even the song’s beginning has a colourful, galactic feel to it.

Upon listening to the track for the first time, I was put off by the high-pitched synth notes in the song’s chorus, but after listening to the song again, it’s grown on me. I’ve since realised that the unique synth melody is what makes this release to his other tracks.

Madeon has already released this song for a free download, but the track is also available to purchase as part of the deluxe edition of Adventure.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!


Weekly Update: Normal Service Shall Resume Shortly…

I’ve always used the WordPress mobile app to manage my blog. The ability to upload on the go has always been useful.

Over time, the app has had some great updates. In particular, the post editor has become easier to use. However, at one point, I have been unable to embed YouTube links on my blog since.

As followers of The Life of a Thinker will know, I use embedded YouTube videos in my Musical Discovery music reviews. Now, only the link of the video appears when the post is published.

At the moment, I’m working with the kind Happiness Engineers and WordPress staff to find a solution. In the meantime, this is just a post to apologise for any issues that may happen in any upcoming Musical Discovery posts – if there are any, please let me know!

In other news, the latest update to the WordPress Stats is really useful! The ability to get in depth statistics as well as views each year is very interesting.

If you use the WordPress mobile app, what do you think of the latest update? Comment below!


The Friday Article: Liam Witnesses the Solar Eclipse

Lifestyle blogger Liam O’Dell was, amongst many others, able to witness the partial solar eclipse.

Earlier this morning, Liam noticed the start of the solar eclipse, as the moon started to cover the Sun. The blogger was able to safely take photos of the eclipse throughout the process.

After speaking to the aspiring journalist, he admits that astronomy has always been a fascinating to him.

“I was never really good at biology or chemistry.” said Liam. “But astronomy has always fascinated me because it’s something to be marvelled. It can be so complex.”

After the eclipse, Liam was glad to be able to witness such an extraordinary astrological event.


Musical Discovery: “Crystals” by Of Monsters and Men

After the release of their debut album My Head is an Animal in 2011, Icelandic indie folk group Of Monsters and Men are back with a new single from their upcoming album.

In Crystals – the first release from their new album, Beneath the Skin – it is clear that their unique folk style has not changed over their four years of absence.

Nanna’s vocals have developed and the band have focussed on maintaining the styles explored in their debut album. In the bridge of Crystals, the track has a burst of soulful lyrics accompanied by light guitar riffs that will link to their popular single – Mountain Sound.

The drumming is also commendable, adding to the chant-like feel of a powerful chorus. It is fair to say that Of Monsters and Men are back with the unique style of indie folk we all know and love.

What do you think? Comment below!


P.S. YouTube links are not embedding correctly on my Musical Discovery posts – I am trying to sort out a fix ASAP!

Musical reDiscovery: “Settle Down” by The 1975

I had come across The 1975 before, after their single Chocolate was on a NOW compilation album. It became one of my songs of that summer, and a good song to drum along to, as well!

I then listened to Girls, which shared the same groovy style typical of The 1975. However, one of their other tracks, entitled Settle Down, seemed to pass me by… 

So it was after mindlessly browsing iTunes that I rediscovered this track. Similar to that of Girls and Chocolate, the band adopt their traditional, funky guitar riffs alongside a powerful drum beat. Of course, Matthew Healy’s soulful vocals make it another vibrant track to listen to from the band.

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