First Visit to Scotland | My Second NDCS Residential

It was a day after the referendum that I flew over to Glasgow for my second residential as a Youth Advisory Board (YAB) member for the NDCS (The National Deaf Children’s Society). You can find out about the first residential, when I visited Birmingham, by clicking here.

On Saturday, the day comprised of learning about education and future plans for deaf people, as well as campaigning. It was really interesting, learning about things I never knew were available for me as a deaf person, as well as giving me new ideas and perspectives.

Then, on Sunday, the primary focus was on what the YAB would be focussing on over the time we have as members. The top three were Education, Planning for the Future, and Information and Support. In the end, once all the YAB voted, Education came first. However, the YAB will still focus on the other two too!


Overall, I had a great first time in Glasgow. It is such a beautiful, historic city! I had great fun playing Crazy Golf with everyone, and Nando’s was good too. Every bit of it was awesome! Thanks to NDCS again for the amazing weekend!


The 1st Person Insight

At the moment, a lot of thoughts are whizzing around my mind, and one of them is the question of what narrative will I use?

So this got me thinking about the 1st and 3rd person narratives (sorry 2nd person), and the insight they can provide.

In particular, I find that the 3rd person is the traditional form, with the narrative allowing for “the omniscient narrator”. However, the 1st person narrative is more interesting in my opinion…

The mauve way that it is more interesting is through the sense of psychological insight. For this, there is no greater example than that of Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. In this sense, Haddon is able to provide the perfect insight into such a complex disability such as autism. It is for that reason that it is one of my favourite books ever.

In summary, despite it being plot-restrictive, using a first person narrative is great for exploring psychological processes, which in turn can lead to some interesting reading…

Do you agree? Which of the three narratives do you use the most? Comment below!


Book Recommendations, Please!

Hi everyone! So this is just a quick post today. I am looking for book recommendations for future books to read (I am always on the lookout for new books!). To give you an idea of what books I like, recently read books include The One Hundred Year Old Man… by Jonas Jonasson (when it comes to contemporary fiction, that is).

But I also like YA and crime novels, too! I like a bit of Gone Girl and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with the Skulduggery Pleasant series being my favourite YA series.

I’m also looking for anyone’s thoughts (NO SPOILERS, please!) on Nineteen Eighty Four. I’m definitely going to read it, but it’s be good to hear other people’s thoughts!

Thanks everyone!


Musical Discovery: “Blame” by Calvin Harris feat. John Newman

Electronic DJ Calvin Harris is back! After his massive success over the past few months with Summer, Calvin has now released his next single with the help of John Newman, called Blame.

I must admit, this song took the second listen for it to grow on me. This was the same with Summer. However, I found that this song was great at showcasing Newman’s unique soul style, as well as his versatility in the genres of music he can perform in. Calvin Harris has also created another memorable dance riff for the chorus of this song.

As well as that, the bridge by Newman is memorable (in particular, the line: “Blame it on me”). This song is a perfect combination of a soulful anthem, and a dance track that will be memorable for a while. It is likely that this song will be as successful as Summer – if not, better!

What do you think of the song? Comment below!


Weekly Update: Back to Book!

As the title may suggest, I have managed to have a few bits of time aside to work on my book!

After picking up Creative Writing as an AS Level this year, I have been even more inspired to write this book! So far, I have been planning the synopsis!

It’s taking its time, but I don’t want to rush things (I don’t want to give up on another book!). I have a few sub-plots to sort out, but as soon as other tasks are done, I should have some more time!

Have a great week!

How was your week? Comment below!


Shows of My Childhood

Tonight, one of my favourite shows as a child – and still is now – was shown on Challenge. This show, was Robot Wars.

As well as that, my other favourite shows as a child were game show The Crystal Maze (when Richard O’Brien hosted), and children’s adventure show, Raven.

But with Celebrity Squares returning to television this week, it makes me wonder what show I’d like to return to the TV. Without a doubt, it would be The Crystal Maze.

What childhood show would you love to return? Comment below!


Creative Writing

So at the start of September, I was introduced to Year 13 – the last year of A-Levels, and the last year before talks of universities and apprenticeships start to become more common.

This year, I am still studying Communication and Culture, ICT and English. But with Use of Maths being only a one-year course, I finished the course. This was at the exact same time that Creative Writing was set to become a Year 12 option at my school. I applied, and I got in! I now have creative writing lessons! Huzzah!

Already I have had a couple of lessons, and it is continuing to spark my imagination. I have learned about non-fiction styles I have yet to explore, and today, I wrote what I think was my first bit of comedy writing (even if I do say so myself!)

But I think the course has been great so far at teaching me about learning to write different styles – it’s alright to specialise, but not before you’ve explored other options.

Are you a writer? What do you write? Have you studied Creative Writing as an AS level? Comment below!


(P.S. Sorry for this not going up yesterday!)