NaPoWriMo – I’m a Poet and a Musician

I’m a poet and musician,
But never a songwriter – not at all!
Writing a song would take me a whole day,
Which wouldn’t be cool at all…

And when I say I’m a musician,
I mean I play the drums.
So I wouldn’t be able to create melodies, just lyrics,
And funky drum rhythms!

I think for the time being,
I shall keep poetry and music apart.
Since despite them both being based on creativity,
They are very different arts!


Musical Discovery: “Find You” by Zedd

Ironically, I was unable to find this song on iTunes (I believe it is only available from the US iTunes Store?), but nonetheless I’m still going to review Find You by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant!

Now I just found out that this was in the Divergent soundtrack, but I had heard the song before that. Initially, Zedd did an amazing drum cover of the song on YouTube…

Overall though, the track follows a different electronic melody that differs from that of Clarity or Stay the Night. Instead it is far less “fuzzy” with the synthesiser melody, creating clear notes that combine to form a fresh, new melody for the DJ’s new single.

As well as that, the singing talents of Koma and Bryant add to the powerful, emotional and vibrant sense that the song creates. Overall, a great new single for the DJ.


NaPoWriMo – Wrong Formatting

So what I wanted to do with these poems
Is to have them italicised.
But it turned out that the italics worked,
But only for these first for lines!

Now I am unsure whether this will follow,
The previous poems’ conditions.
But either way, it may become
A NaPoWriMo tradition!

I’m hoping then when this goes up,
That all paragraphs are the same.
But if not, it doesn’t matter,
For I only have a few more days!


Thoughts on the Divergent Movie

So as my poem yesterday (click here) was about seeing a film before the book. On this occasion, it was Divergent.

Now I know reading books before films is a shameful, shameful thing to do, but the actual experience of film before book actually helped me to make a decision about reading the book.

Before I go into detail, the film overall was brilliant. It explored a variety of scenes that encapsulate different emotions. I left the cinema wanting to read the book, and a little bit blown away.

There’s always been the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” (I do), but should there also be a warning about “don’t judge a book by its film“?

If anything, when I was watching the adverts and movie trailers beforehand, as well as the actual movie, I couldn’t help but realise how cinematic the movie can be (obviously). But then I realised that books themselves have some cinematic elements to them, which would work great on film.

However, then there comes the fact that a movie offers a concise adaptation of the book, with some things missed out. This could have positive and negative impacts. The plus being that the potential of the book is emphasised in key action scenes, but the negative is that some important sub-plot scenes are missed, therefore I couldn’t possibly make a full judgement.

But nonetheless I will be reading the book. The movie was brilliant and so I shall be reading it. Now I know that I’ve spoiled the story for my imagination and for myself, but I did the same (accidentally) with Stardust and had no problems enjoying the book.


NaPoWriMo – Films Before Books?!

They always say don’t judge a book by its cover,
So I thought I would judge it by the film instead.
For I am unsure about reading the book,
And I want a definitive decision in my head.

But what I’ve come to realise,
Is that films emphasis plot points that are key.
So to some extent, I know,
What kind of book it is going to be.

Also don’t say that doing this,
Spoils my imagination.
Instead it gives me a better idea,
Of whether it’s worth reading – after much deliberation.


Why it’s more than WhoDunnit…

The book is going well, though I’ve recently been met with the question that I presume all writers get: Is it a WhoDunnit or HowDunnit?


Obviously this is a method used by many crime writers that it is almost at the point of becoming cliché. Although great for suspense, red herrings can be hard to pull off if a book is based on a WhoDunnit.


Of course, a HowDunnit demands that the “Who” is known. This can eliminate the suspense of not knowing who is responsible. However, the exploration of how it is done can create a whole plot by itself. But it makes red herrings impossible.

So at the moment, I’m struggling to decide. Could there be a possible combination of both? There is often that middle-ground where it starts with a WhoDunnit, and then, when the person responsible is revealed, it becomes a HowDunnit, but is that not cliché?

But then it also got me thinking…Not only are the Who and How important, but the writer must also appreciate the Why, Where and When (What doesn’t really apply).


The reason why person responsible does their evil doings is probably another important thing to consider. Again, this could be a whole new part to the plot…


I keep on seeing location being promoted as a key part of any writing, and I’m starting to believe the fact that it is severely underrated. Location can be of major importance and can prompt new ideas…


OK, so maybe not an important one, but time may have an importance when it comes to other events. At night it is probably quieter and less busy – which may be a possible point to pick up on.


NaPoWriMo – Why I’m Giving Up

This poem may be hypocritical,
For it says I’m finding NaPoWriMo tough.
But I’m writing a poem about giving up,
Despite saying I won’t write enough!

The reason why I was close to stopping was because
It is a poem a day – specifically thirty.
But I’ve come to realise that it can be quite easy,
To write simplistic poetry!

So I have to apologise again,
For this one was another pointless poem too.
But I suppose it won’t be long ’till the end of April,
And I’ll have a couple more to do!