Radcliffe: Trying to Include More Pictures | The Friday Article

Renowned blogging site WordPress released a new, free blog theme for its bloggers yesterday – entitled Radcliffe.

The blog design was revealed by the blog hosting company through a blog post, and described Radcliffe as “a bold, modern theme that puts your content at centre stage.”

Upon inspection, I was quick to preview the design on The Life of a Thinker. Although I agree that the theme boasts “beautiful typography”, it has once again reminded me that I need to include more images on my blog – as the theme is very visual.

So unfortunately I have had to revert my blog to its comfy home of the Twenty Twelve theme (I know, I’m a bit behind in terms of years – I did have a look at the 2015 theme, but I prefer this one). However, if there is such a thing as a blogging resolution, it would be for me to whip out my smartphone and take more photos to use on this little site of mine.

I look forward to and await further improvements to this blog in 2015.


Musical Discovery: “Imperium” by Madeon

Last week I reviewed the second single from Madeon’s upcoming debut album, Adventure (you can read my review of You’re On here). But today, I’m reviewing the first release – Imperium.

The track starts with a loud crackling effect, before settling into a grunge and dubstep-style rhythm. When compared to his other releases, it is clear that Madeon has explored a new avenue on this single.

Overall, Imperium is an interesting development in style for the musician, allowing him to explore a new range of musical effects and distortions. Additionally, the melody in the chorus creates a cinematic feel that works well with the low base level of the track.

What do you think of the single? Comment below!


Musical Discovery: Hold Back the River by James Bay

In last week’s Friday Article, I talked about the 2015 BRITs Critics’ Choice Award winner, James Bay. For this week’s Musical Discovery, it’s Hold Back the River.

The song starts with a slow but memorable guitar riff that I felt like I had heard before. Then begins Bay’s soulful vocals which develops with the emotion of the song, with a complex drum groove to accompany the track.

Even the song’s bridge is a brilliant demonstration of James Bay’s vocal talents, as the bridge builds up to the final chorus which ends in an optimistic and feel-good tone.

I think James Bay is worthy of the 2015 Critics’ Choice Award, and I look forward to his debut!

What do you think of this track? Do you think James Bay will be a huge success next year? Comment below!


A Book Haul Happened…

As usual, whenever I pass a Waterstones, the massive amount of books I need to read doubles. On Friday, I bought a couple of books…


So I succumbed to the “Buy One Get One Half Price” promotion and bought The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, and When Mr Dog Bites by Brian Conaghan.

I had heard a lot about Neil Gaiman’s latest book, so naturally I had to buy it. As for When Mr Dog Bites, it was its similarity to The Curious Incident and The Shock of the Fall when reading the blurb. Those sort of books always interest me.

What books have you read recently? Comment below!


James Bay is the 2015 Critics’ Choice | The Friday Article

The winner of the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award 2015 has been announced as that of James Bay.

James will follow a long list of winners, such as Jessie J, Emeli Sandé, Ellie Goulding and Adele.

But each year the critics should be praised for their accurate predictions of who will be the next chart success. Adele has since become an international success, and other recipients of the award have gone on to achieve success. Last year’s winner, Sam Smith, has now released a best-selling debut album.

So it is clear that the award is a big deal, with the title almost definitely guaranteeing the winner a successful future music career. I look forward to James Bay’s debut next year!


P.S. I will be reviewing Hold Back the River by James Bay as next week’s Musical Discovery!

Musical Discovery: “You’re On” by Madeon

Another track has caught my eye this week, and it was on Monday when upcoming musician Madeon released his second track from his future debut album, Adventure.

This time, the DJ is back with a track that is slower than the likes of Finale, Icarus and Technicolor – entitled You’re On.

After a few songs with no vocals, Madeon returns with a collaboration with Kyan. In the song, Madeon allows an equal amount of time to showcase Kyan’s talents, as well as his own when distorting the vocals in new, funky and exciting ways.

The track allows for Madeon to develop as a producer – exploring new effects to add to the song – as well as maintain his unique style of off-beat bass riffs and catchy choruses.

Next Wednesday I will be reviewing Imperium – the first single released from his debut album.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!